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Unilateral abdominal muscle herniation with pain: a distinctive variant of diabetic radiculopathy.
Lateral abdominal muscle size at rest and during abdominal drawingin manoeuvre in healthy adolescents.
Abdominal muscle size and symmetry at rest and during abdominal hollowing exercises in healthy control subjects.
In the present case, weakening of abdominal muscle might be the cause of herniation (case 1) as the animal was pregnant.
The exact mechanism of abdominal muscle paresis following herpes zoster infection is poorly understood.
Abdominal muscle thickness was measured using a DP-6600 digital ultrasonic imaging system (Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics, China) with a 5 MHz curvilinear transducer with a large footprint ([greater than or equal to]60 mm).
"Measuring abdominal muscle weakness in patients with low back pain and matched controls: a comparison of 3 devices." J Rheumatol 20(9): 1539-1543.
You need to work on your abdominal muscles that lie deep inside," explains Kiran Sawhney, owner, Fitnesolution.
ABSTRACT This experiment determined the effect of starvation on the chemical composition and tissue histology of the abdominal muscle and digestive gland in adult male southern rock lobsters Jasus edwardsii during 14 and 28 days.
Several tissues, including heart, abdominal muscle, limb muscle, brain, and liver, were examined using standard IEF electrophoresis protocols.
The basic sit-ups work all three abdominal muscle groups but especially the rectus abdominis.
Conclusions: The data obtained support that there is not a correlation between abdominal muscle thickness and CSA of the lumbar multifidi and LBP in adolescent soccer players.
WALES' World Cup opponents Fiji have been hit by a major injury scare before the showpiece tournament kicks off in September with giant wing Nemani Nadolo suffering a suspected torn abdominal muscle.
Available only for the stimulation channels usually used for the abdominal muscle group was staggering, which consisted of a 2 ms delay between stimulation of individual channels.
The Heat may activate forward Chris Bosh for Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals tonight in Miami and if he plays no one knows how effective he will be after missing nine games with a strained lower abdominal muscle.