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hernia through the abdomen

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Biological mesh implants for abdominal hernia repair: US food and drug
Abdominal hernias are considered relative contraindications to PD, but if identified in a timely manner, they can be repaired prior to the insertion of a Tenckhoff catheter.
Congenital abdominal hernia might be due to anatomical variation, polygenic inheritance or infectious diseases (Tyagi and Singh, 2010).
A total of 100 patients with ventral abdominal hernia were selected on the bases of inclusion criteria and divided randomly by lottery method in Group A and Group B for hernia repair either with open mesh repair or laparoscopic approach respectively.
Although a number of problems and recalls of mesh material have occurred over the years, repairing an abdominal hernia with mesh is still the preferred method over suture repair.
An abdominal hernia typically presents as a nontender, protruding mass that is either stable in size or gradually expands.
Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference underwent successful surgery to repair an abdominal hernia and torn groin, the team said.
The Mexican captain told the airline he had an abdominal hernia operation when he tried to qualify to work as a pilot in Japan in October 2006, but the airline told him not to report his pre-existing condition, according to the airline.
An abdominal hernia will also occur when a previous abdominal incision breaks down--an incisional hernia.
He said: "The abdominal hernia last season was the one that really made me think, because I've got friends now who are struggling with potentially career-threatening injuries.
Kevin Kilbane returns to the Sunderland squad after recovering from a calf injury and Matthew Piper has resumed light training after a hernia operation, while Jason McAteer's rehabilitation is on course after an abdominal hernia repair.
A source told the magazine: "She slipped into Cedars-Sinai on September 19 for surgery to repair an abdominal hernia.
My concern is that you may have a small abdominal hernia, or ventral hernia.
Boehle had surgery last Friday to repair a double abdominal hernia, causing coach Jesse Quiroz to adjust his lineup.