abdominal cavity

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the cavity containing the major viscera

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Another woman also died earlier this year due to an alleged medical error following surgery to reduce abdominal cavity.
If you are unlucky enough to have a perforated (burst) appendix, a much larger central abdominal incision is needed so that the surgeon can inspect the whole of the abdominal cavity and give the cavity a thorough wash out.
Noah explained that the teratoma is formed during the fetal stage of development, and is often discovered at a much earlier stage, but in this case it was in the abdominal cavity where its expansion covered up the tumor presence.
Access to the abdominal cavity can be difficult because of the thickness of the abdominal wall in these patients.
I had to create an abdominal cavity by stretching the abdominal space to accommodate his organs.
The spray foam developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) can be used to stop internal bleeding, particularly in the abdominal cavity which is life threatening because there is little that can be done to stop the bleeding, Discovery News reported.
It pumps the excessive fluid from the abdominal cavity into the bladder, from which it can be excreted by the patient in the natural manner.
Additionally, in low income countries, resources may preclude management that is the hallmark of more resourced environments where a pneumoperitoneum is used to increase the capacity of the abdominal cavity and a mesh is used for definitive repair (1,2).
The ALFApump System is indicated for the management of refractory and recurrent ascites due to liver cirrhosis, a condition where massive and uncontrolled fluid accumulation occurs in the abdominal cavity.
Belly or abdominal fat - known in scientific communities as visceral fat and liver fat - is located deep within the abdominal cavity and fills the spaces between internal organs.
The purpose of this study was to assessment of testis topography in the abdominal cavity, migration and time of testicular descent into scrotal sac, in sheep's gestation period compared with other animals.
The most common places are the fallopian tubes and the abdominal cavity.
A vet found some hard objects in the abdominal cavity of one and the following morning X-rays revealed 11 containers hidden inside Rex and ten in Frispa.
Keywords: A valved trocar jacket tube to prevent leakage of an inert gas from an abdominal cavity.