abdominal cavity

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the cavity containing the major viscera

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The gastrointestinal department at aarhus university hospital intends to purchase a perfusion machine to rinse with heated chemistry fluid in the abdominal cavity.
To prepare Baby Zaid for the reconstructive surgery, doctors used a pressure belt around the organ sac to reduce its size and increase the capacity of the abdominal cavity to accommodate the protruding organs.
He added, "During the surgery the umbilical lining was removed, abdominal muscles were restructured and the various organs were returned to the abdominal cavity.
While increases in both subcutaneous and visceral adipose fats were linked with initiating new and exacerbated cardiovascular disease risk factors, the relationship was more noticeable in fat inside the abdominal cavity than fat under the skin.
Well mineralized fetal skeletons were visible in the left hemithorax, as was one skeleton on the right side of the abdominal cavity (Fig.
In a multi-centre cadaver study, the foam was shown to effectively fill the abdominal cavity and conform to human tissue when injected through the navel.
A reciprocating atomic steam engine, weighing 4 1/2 pounds and measuring 6 by 3 inches, could be implanted in the abdominal cavity with a heat exchanger attached to the external iliac artery, reported Dr.
Visceral fat, unlike subcutaneous or intramuscular fat, forms when fat deposits in between the organs in the abdominal cavity and is particularly concerning because it has been correlated with increased risk of several chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as well as increased mortality and morbidity.
Concerns relevant to operative management in the obese include difficulty with patient positioning, access to the abdominal cavity, visualization, and ventilation.
The new Suture Passer has been completely redesigned with longer, retractable grasping fingers that surgeons can deploy over a wider area for easier and safer retrieval of sutures with it the abdominal cavity.
On examination, the swelling was observed as soft to touch and on pressing it was not returning back to the abdominal cavity.
Washington, Dec 17( ANI ): Scientists have developed a spray foam that can be injected into a wounded soldier's abdominal cavity to help stop internal bleeding.
Visceral fat is located inside the abdominal cavity, packed between the organs.
In 56 cases based on data of ultrasound investigation was revealed free fluid in abdominal cavity.