abdominal breathing

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breathing in which most of the respiratory effort is done by the abdominal muscles

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In addition to the high-grade interventions undertaken at a whole class level we used abdominal breathing as an intervention when pulse rates exceeded a threshold level (advising teachers when their pulse rate exceeded 120 bpm).
If you learn how to do deep abdominal breathing techniques effectively you can calm yourself, lower your heart rate and relax all those tense muscles as well as your racing mind.
The present study investigated the effects of two different simple exercises, treadmill and abdominal breathing, on the concentration of SIgA and cortisol in saliva.
Once you get connected with your abdominal breathing, you start to observe yourself and taking more pauses.
In addition, oncology nurses can seek out education and training in cognitive-behavioral therapy principles, which can help them offer patients guidance on techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation or abdominal breathing exercises.
Certified yoga instructor Fabio Andrico and professional model Yamila Diaz present Breathe: The Perfect Harmony of Breathing, an instructional DVD about the Tibetan tradition of Yantra Yoga with especial focus on training in techniques of abdominal breathing.
Sometimes called Chinese yoga, Qigong is a mind-body practice that melds slow graceful movements, mental focus and deep abdominal breathing to boost and balance a person's vital energy, or 'qi'.
The purpose of this study was to assess the psychophysiological stress-reducing properties of progressive relaxation compared with hypnosis, and deep abdominal breathing compared with a baseline condition, while controlling for hypnotizability.
They suggest muscle relaxation techniques, abdominal breathing, meditation, anger management and counting sheep.
Marek advocates the use of appoggio, the method of breathing outlined in bel canto treatises, which combines intercostal and abdominal breathing.
Of these, 28 listened to 30 minutes of "rhythmically homogenous" classical, Celtic or raga music daily while practicing slow abdominal breathing.
Listening to rhythmic music combined with slow abdominal breathing may help lower blood pressure naturally, according to study results presented at the American Society of Hypertension's annual meeting in May.
Thirty-nine patients (age 12-70) with asthma were recruited and, after stratification for severity based on daily use of salbutamol or comparable bronchodilators, randomly assigned either to receive general asthma education and relaxation techniques, including abdominal breathing, or to undertake a series of Buteyko breathing training sessions.
The hypnotherapy sessions started with relaxation and abdominal breathing exercises.