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one who formally relinquishes an office or responsibility

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PETER Walwyn's 9-2 chance English Prince (P Eddery) canters home in Goodwood's Predominate Stakes under wee Pat but remains an Epsom abdicator.
Abdicator Father did not contribute -.445 to family life; no support 15.
In addition to immortals, another type of camper that needs to be mentioned and watched closely by staff members is the abdicator. Abdicators are campers who may not want to be at camp; their parents may have urged them to attend because camp will be fun.
Without them, the CEO becomes an abdicator, letting the company wander, because it lacks unity.
The next best experiences for stars were in groups where they were co-leaders or abdicators. All of the stars in these groups reported mostly positive experiences.
In fact, Oliver Wyman research suggests as many as 20 percent of employers sponsoring health benefits are already "benefit abdicators," either jettisoning these benefits or moving towards defined contribution programs that shift purchasing responsibility to employees.
AoShe is tied up, disabled and disfigured woman hardly able to move the wheel chair given to her by the cartel of conspirators and abdicators. She is talking to her resurrected martyr son about the departure of her other living sons, who left her suffering from loneliness and inability,Ao Qasas wrote, Aothe sons tell their stories: Some were deported; others chose forgetfulness and there is that who sold himself to the devil.Ao Qasas also wrote the screenplay, did the scene graphics and technique and co-choreographed the play with Dina Abu Hamdan.