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one who formally relinquishes an office or responsibility

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Sinatra, clearly attracted by the waiflike Cox but perennially awed by political power, defers to the fiery, if declawed, Jerusalem-born PLO abdicator, hastily brokering a marriage between Arafat and the young actress.
The abdicator of sexual identity, as one who veut faire l'ange, is sure to discover that he fait la bete.
PETER Walwyn's 9-2 chance English Prince (P Eddery) canters home in Goodwood's Predominate Stakes under wee Pat but remains an Epsom abdicator.
In addition to immortals, another type of camper that needs to be mentioned and watched closely by staff members is the abdicator.
Without them, the CEO becomes an abdicator, letting the company wander, because it lacks unity.
The next best experiences for stars were in groups where they were co-leaders or abdicators.