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It alleges that the public's anger towards the Royal Family left the Queen so shocked that she considered abdicating.
I refuse to go quietly into the night, abdicating my responsibility as a U.
A BOOKMAKER has reported a "strange" flurry of bets on the Queen abdicating by the end of 2006.
A BOOKMAKER yesterday reported a "strange" flurry of bets on the Queen abdicating by the end of 2006.
By abdicating local control, they greatly limited their own ability to create a department that's flexible, responsive to local needs and accountable to the public.
Princess Juliana reigned for 32 years from 1948 before abdicating in favour of daughter Beatrix in 1980.
Although he argued that he was simply doing the job that he was sent to do by the tenants who elected him, the OCHC board accused him of conflict of interest and abdicating his responsibility.
Although Philip returned to the throne after Luis' death, it required the constant vigilance of the queen, Elizabeth Farnese, to keep him from abdicating anew.
Administrators who give unprecedented budgetary discretion and policy-making control to IT staff are abdicating their responsibilities.
Lord St John of Fawsley, a constitutional expert, said, "She has made clear that she has no intention of abdicating so as to remove the controversy and let her get on with her Jubilee year.
In effect, European leaders are stepping into a critical global crisis spot and providing the solution-oriented leadership that the Bush administration is apparently abdicating.
Forsythe is not abdicating responsibility: he knows he has provided the context in which the dancers can explore their own experience of dancing, and that his own choreographic preoccupations will largely determine the way that the movement looks.
When you turn public education over to private enterprise, you are essentially abdicating the government's responsibility to schools and communities.
Last week, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Pakistan was "basically abdicating to the Taliban and the extremists," although she later said Pakistan was beginning to realise the threat terrorists posed.
that (a) The Queen would be abdicating in April and the Prince of Wales would then assume the throne and (b) efforts would be made if not to get rid of her (be it by some accident in her car such as prepared brake failure or whatever) between now and then.