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a French abbot

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The abbe began like you, and in three days you will be like him, mad enough to tie up; but, fortunately, there are dungeons here.
Well, then, send away the Abbe Fouquet; I have not a sou.
You make a strange advocate, Gourville, to-day -- the advocate of the Abbe Fouquet
The bandits whom the abbe keeps in pay and drink have their useful side, have they?
Two minutes after, the Abbe Fouquet appeared in the doorway, with profound reverences.
The abbe looked maliciously at Gourville, and anxiously at Fouquet, and said, "I have three hundred pistoles to pay to M.
said Fouquet bravely, for he comprehended that the Abbe Fouquet would not have disturbed him for such a want.
You will please to remark," said the abbe, humbly, "that I have asked nothing for myself.
I maintain a hundred men," said the abbe, proudly; "that is a charge, I believe.
And I have a hundred as good as he," continued the abbe.
You shall get into the chapel if the abbe is disfrocked for his share in it.
She kept an anxious watch on him when he approached the group round Mortemart to listen to what was being said there, and again when he passed to another group whose center was the abbe.
When she asked to "see what it was like" (with the Abbe Gaudron's permission, be it understood), Monsieur Baudoyer took her--for the glory of the thing, and to show her the finest that was to be seen--to the Opera, where they were playing "The Chinese Laborer.
She never read what the Abbe Gaudron, vicar of Saint-Paul's and the family director, called profane books.
Then came a splendid dinner, lasting at least five hours, to which were invited the Abbe Gaudron, Falleix, Rabourdin, Monsieur Godard, under-head-clerk to Monsieur Baudoyer, Monsieur Bataille, captain of the company of the National Guard to which Saillard and his son-in-law belonged.