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the jurisdiction or office of an abbot

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197, lists this figure as one of the abbots of the monastery, who held the abbacy between E pa dge'dun lhun grub and E'i te'u ra pa dge'dun bsam grub.
Recent leases were signed at 2160 North Central Road on behalf of Kim and Bae, a law firm; Carepath Solutions, a medical legal consulting company; and Ashford Abbacy, CPA, an accounting firm.
Because of his reformer's zeal, in 1773 the next pope, Clement XIV, made Braschi a cardinal, but then relegated him to minor appointments of Sant'Onofrio and the commendatory abbacy of Subiaco, a poor and neglected territory about 30 kilometers outside Rome.
(19) For example, Osbert of Clare, Prior at Westminster under the abbacy of Gervase of Blois, helped to defend the independence of Westminster Abbey from the See of London by forging charters supposedly issued by the chancery of Edward I and by composing a Vita Beati Eadwardi, which prominently featured a legend that Westminster had first been consecrated by St.
Wulfhild resumed the abbacy after AEdelprd's death.
In 1971, however, John Kelleher quietly and politely offered the novel idea that the Tain as we have it may well have been compiled as "a heartening political allegory" for the losing side in a particular struggle for the abbacy of Armagh, its temporal riches and religious primacy.
Under Morandi's abbacy, San Pressede was the epicenter of a hubbub of illicit activity, including, besides the perhaps obvious sexual shenanigans of poorly supervised monks, the copying and circulation of prohibited books, astrological consultations, and magical operations.
Bitterly dissatisfied with the abbacy and in danger of his life from the recalcitrant monks, Abelard was allowed to leave Saint Gildas, while retaining the title of abbot, sometime in the middle 1130s.
No one who has read Bede's account would wish to exclude Caedmon in his humility and in his glory from the Communion of Saints, for Bede sets him forth in glory as the poet who, in the abbacy of St Hild, during which the conversion of the English was fulfilled, was, by divine grace, the first to mediate Latin Christianity in English verse, in song of praise of God and in holy narrative.
However, the abbey reached a peak of prominence under the abbacy of Rabanus Maurus (822-42), when its scriptorium was one of the finest in Europe.
Scion of a prominent family, he was tonsured and given an abbacy at eighteen; but there followed an obscure period in his life, which included a period in a Venetian prison.
The high point of the script is reached in the eleventh and twelfth centuries [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 8 OMITTED], in particular the period of Desiderius's abbacy (1058-1087), for as well as rebuilding the monastery, Desiderius greatly enriched its art and library.
His wit and effrontery won him the favor of Cardinal de Richelieu, and he was given a canonry at Rouen (1634) and an abbacy in Burgundy (1638).
The occupation of every see and abbacy by strangers who could only speak to their flocks in an unknown tongue had severed the higher clergy from the lower priesthood and the people; but religion became a living thing as it passed to the people themselves, and hermit and friar carried spiritual life home to the heart of the nation at large.