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(Arabic) a loose black robe from head to toe

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Henkel's association with the competition is part of Persil Abaya Shampoo's strategy to bring to the fore the best Abaya design talent in the Middle East and give them a platform to succeed in life.
The design of abayas has allowed the opening of around 4,000 abaya boutiques in Bahrain.
Many young women have mothers or grandmothers who made a point to pick up handmade abayas on trips to Damascus, and can still distinguish between motifs from Syria and Palestine.
Her store will stock abayas by renowned Lebanese abaya brands like Mouftah el Chark and handA[degrees] bags from the Italian brand Fuoco Aria Acqua.
The 2012 Hya Exhibition, described as the Middle East's largest abaya exhibition, was inaugurated yesterday at the Doha Exhibition Centre.
The new Maharani abaya collection from Lamya Abedin's Queen of Spades label is now in store.
Abaya, perfumes, incenses, jewelleries, handbags, make-up items, herbs, shoes, and clothes can be all found at this exhibition.
All time favourites and signatures of the designer, like patch works, mermaid cuts, pantaloon abayas and reversables, will also be available in the collection for the kingdom.
In fact, the demand for designer abayas had started rising almost two weeks before Ramadan, but now there is a lastminute rush for this traditional dress for Muslim women as Ramadan draws to a close and the festive season of Eid approaches.
Designer Fathima Ashrafi hopes to broaden the appeal of the traditional Arabic abaya to international markets with the cut and quality of the cloth she uses and her contemporary styles and embroidery expertise.
She also went on to explain that the abayas are a major part of the Emirati fashion industry, with several different styles of abayas worn for special occasions, and in different seasons.
Top European fashion houses such as Dior, Nina Ricci and Alberta Ferretti have already put their stamps on abayas in the wealthy Gulf market for local woman, known as khalijiyat, after the Arabic name for the Gulf.
Things started slowly for Ruqaiya when her family began requesting she design abayas for them before friends caught on and the demand became greater.
Summary: Melding current fashion trends with cultural traditions, Lebanese designer Nanou displays in her showroom a range of abayas.
A FAMILY is offering a reward for the return of a dog that was apparently bundled into a car by two women wearing abayas.