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(Arabic) a loose black robe from head to toe

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Like the sex-specific ban on earrings upheld by the court in Lugo, the sex-specific requirement that women wear the abaya could be categorized by the courts as a military dress code designed to advance good order within the military and our national security interests in Saudi Arabia.
Abaya offers advice in more than three dozen scripts, question and answer forums, and feature articles on topics ranging from emotional issues such as becoming a parent to a parent, personal finances, and respecting elder values, to safety issues such as dealing with confusion and memory loss and protecting elders from scams.
According to Secretary Abaya, the lack of investment in infrastructure and the development of roads in the past years have contributed to the worsening traffic condition not only in the capital city but also in other major cities, including Cebu and Davao.
With tailor-made and customised orders taking between four to five days, the store offers a range of off the rack abaya designs for international tourists and last-minute shoppers.
If the factors are just right, all the competing companies can prosper and create their own reputation in that specific area (like Gold Suq in Bahrain, or hair transplant in Turkey, Silicon Valley in the United States, or even abaya road in Isa Town
I only took her measurements for an abaya," he said.
The Persil Arw Abaya Competition, into season six this year, will have a new format and concept -- 'Stars of Design' -- offering six talented Abaya designers a platA[degrees] form to present their designs over a sixA[degrees]month period between June and December 2014, a press release said.
That is how Amal Azhari describes her collections of designer abaya, sheer silk robes that bridge the perceived gap between conservative and contemporary fashion.
Despite the fact that we don't have abaya as part of women's fashion in Libya, I still decided to do fashion designing that specialises in clothing similar to the abaya.
Saudi Arabia: Beware of the Escalator and the Trailing Abaya Several of my Saudi sister-in-laws prefer to wear a long trailing abaya which conceals their feet.
Having designed an abaya to constrain Kim's free-flowing curves, Hend is still unable to believe that her idol agreed to shed all inhibitions against being fully clothed and agreed to wear the traditional black robe that defines the Emirati culture.
According to one Internet source, the world's most expensive abaya was recently appraised at USD 350,000.
Designer Fathima Ashrafi hopes to broaden the appeal of the traditional Arabic abaya to international markets with the cut and quality of the cloth she uses and her contemporary styles and embroidery expertise.
Narciso Abaya, the military chief of staff, revealed the authorities had uncovered a new destabilization plot against the Arroyo administration.
After posing for a photo with President Elias Hrawi and the first family, Schiffer was presented with a blue abaya, a long traditional Lebanese robe, and a silver tray engraved with a cedar of Lebanon, the national symbol.