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Synonyms for abaxial

facing away from the axis of an organ or organism

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Stomata size greater on the adaxial surface than abaxial surface, cell shape usually irregular Talinum 2.
The petiole surface is provided with a superficial vein-like network containing spiral tracheids, especially on the abaxial surface (Fig.
Mean square of dominance (b1) and dominance due to arrays (b2) were significant for thestomatal density of both surfaces at normal and water holding sites, PCI of the abaxial surface at the normal and water holding sites, gsatnormal and water holding sites.
Abaxial branching evolved a minimum of two times in the Arecoideae (Oncosperma and Dypsis).
Based on the criteria proposed by Singh (1981), it was verified that the most important characteristics for discrimination of the genotypes were: Acylsugar content (16.75%) and presence of leaf miner larvae (14.75%), and the characters of least contribution were the amount of adaxial trichomes (9.88%) and abaxial amount of trichomes (9.25%) (Table 2).
Hojas con la cara adaxial glabra o puberula y la cara abaxial densamente hispida, principalmente sobre las nervaduras, excepcionalmente glabras o ligeramente pilosas C.
Bedellia somnulentella (Lepidoptera: Bedelliidae) adult perched on the abaxial end of an Ipomoea batatas leaf (A); larval damage on I.
All leaves were scanned from adaxial and abaxial surfaces.
With regard to leaf anatomy, members within the Labiatae family have diacytic and anomocytic stomata both on the abaxial and adaxial surfaces although tetracytic stomata have been observed in the family as well [14].
hypopitys forms asymmetrical lateral organs on the flanks of a shoot or inflorescence apical meristem, with adaxial and abaxial surfaces adjacent to or distant from, respectively, the meristem.
Among the 56 hooves clinical specimens from the coronary corium, laminar corium of the abaxial wall and pre-bulbar sole, approximately 10 mm x 2 mm, were collected, totaling three sampling points from each hoof.