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Synonyms for abaxial

facing away from the axis of an organ or organism

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Computerized light microscopy indicated that the corneal tubules of the dorsal and abaxial wall of the hoof capsule of buffalo hooves begin at the coronary corium and project from proximal to distal, following the same growth direction of the hoof, up to the white line.
petiole 33-39 mm long, slightly larger with rachis; 1 extrafloral nectary, black, sessile, pyramidal, 1-2 mm long, located on the petiole; rachis 23-110 mm long; interfoliolar segments 13 34 mm long; leaflets discolorous, 4 pairs, membranaceous, adaxial surface glabrous to sparsely pubescent, abaxial surface pilose, lanceolate to elliptic, 17-65 X 9-37 mm, apex acute to cuneate, base assimetric to cuneate, venation penninervous.
En la superficie abaxial, una o dos celulas superiores de los tricomas 2f, 2g y 2h son elon-gadas y sinuosas y por esta razon forman un tomento enmaranado, como en S.
D, superficie abaxial del raquis de la pinna, costula y pinnula.
Rogers and Ogg (2001) reported that stomata number were two to three-fold higher on abaxial than on adaxial epidermis of the Solanum species (S.
insularis presents stomata on both sides (amphistomatic leaves), in the analysis of scanning electron microscopy was observed that the number of stomata was greater on the abaxial leaf surface (Table 2, Figure 3), corroborating the study of Machado et al.
30 teeth per side in the proximal leaves, and 7-12 teeth per side in the distal leaves, teeth in two size classes, the short ones interspersed with the long ones, obtuse, apex acute to shortly acuminate and often ending in a callose tooth, adaxial surface dark green, glabrous, abaxial surface green suffused with purple, glabrous, venation brochidodromous, prominent on the abaxial surface, (7-)9-11(-14) pairs of secondary veins in the proximal leaves and 5-10 pairs in the distal leaves, irregularly interspaced, higher order venation conspicuous, reticulate, submarginal vein present but interrupted.
Presence of sclerenchyma strands on the abaxial side only makes the genus Cenchrus distinct from the remaining species within the tribe.
The pattern of walls is similar on both abaxial and adaxial sides in all species except in Senecio chrysanthemoides where it is weakly undulate on abaxial side and heavily undulate on adaxial side.
Seccoes paradermicas das faces abaxial e adaxial foram obtidas a mao livre, utilizando-se laminas de aco inoxidavel, enquanto as transversais foram feitas em microtomo manual (Cidepe).
Glaucous abaxial surface, with a white-greyish pubescence, resultant from high density of stellate, fasciculate and multi-stellate trichomes, adpressed, with short and long rays, the long rays 12-17(19) [micron]m long, the short ones with (<20 [micron]m long), with more than 8 filaments (8-15).
Corola rotacea, campanulada, lobulada, lobulos glabros en la cara adaxial pubescentes en la abaxial.
The asymmetric turgor gradient formed between the adaxial and abaxial regions of the pulvinus results in leaf movement.