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Synonyms for abattoir


Synonyms for abattoir

a building where animals are butchered

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The Nairobi county government on Monday gave operators of unlicensed abattoirs 60 days to comply with the set standards or have their premises closed.
AN alert has been sounded over unlicensed abattoirs in Bahrain where animals are allegedly being slaughtered in shocking conditions.
On the other hand, the civic body has selected the vacant four kanals near the graveyard for the construction of an abattoir.
The municipality is also offering sacrificing service of Australian lamb through the Al Mawashi mobile application of Dubai Abattoir, which was launched last year.
The new abattoir, open from 6am to 11pm, has a capacity for processing 1,500 small and 50 large animals daily," said Ali Al Hammadi, head of abattoir section in the municipality.
Abdulrahman al-Khayareen, chief executive officer, said that the total space of the new abattoir amounts to 600sqm.
Whilst some wanted the council to build houses on the Boosbeck abattoir site, which would ensure no further applications for abattoir licences, this Plan B proposal may have the same effect.
It said it would take an abattoir to court for 'infractions' committed during the ritual slaughter of sheep for the just-ended Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha.
Contamination by heavy metals, particularly lead and zinc, has been detected in many abattoir areas (Coker, Olugasa, & Adeyemi, 2001).
Prevalence of bovine cystcercosis in the North of Namibia-Retrospective study based on abattoir records.
Bucking the trend was the opening late last year of the Farmers Choice abattoir at the old Welsh Country Foods facility in Gaerwen, Anglesey.
Bucking the trend was the opening, late last year, of the Farmers Choice abattoir at the old Welsh Country Foods facility in Gaerwen.
This will enable the abattoir and the producer to track livestock from the farm gate right through to market, resulting in more accurate pricing, while delivering enhanced food safety outcomes.
In Nigeria, abattoirs are distributed all over the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory with the largest being the Lagos State owned abattoir complex in Oko-oba Agege Local Government Area of the State where about 90% of meat consumed in the state is slaughtered (News Watch, 2010).
The popular wholesale meat supplier in Tsumeb, Meat Royal Abattoir has been closed down temporarily, prohibiting all further slaughter until it meets abattoir requirements.