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a line of defense consisting of a barrier of felled or live trees with branches (sharpened or with barbed wire entwined) pointed toward the enemy

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Caption: Re-enactors in the uniform of the Canadian Voltigeurs take shelter behind the bristling hedgehog defence of an abatis, similar to the one that would have been constructed by the fearless company at the Battle of Chateauguay, October 26, 1813.
hurlait a tue-tete: "Alphonse un bock!" puis il y eut un abatis de soucoupes, l'appel d'un chien, le bonjour d'un buveur qui, retourne sur son tabouret, saluait des doigts un nouveau venu et se remettait aussitot le nez dans ses cartes.
ABATIS, Originally published in the Fall 2008 (Volume 24) issue of Thought & Action, The NEA Higher Education Journal.
Likewise, the main gun makes short work of wire obstacles, log cribs, abatis and so forth.
The top three scorers who qualified were Marc Ingram of London House, Andy Smith of Bank of Ireland and Peter Priestley of Abatis Limited.
'STOKE PARK MASSIV': (From left) Rosie Kay, 14, Ross Abatis, 14, Chris Freestone, 14, Peter Hodgetts, 14, James Hobday, 14, Scott O'Neill, 14, Amarveer Bains, 14, and Zoe Ames, 14; D21186_6.
At the recent AGM of the British Pest Association (BPCA) in Edinburgh, it was agreed that Peter Priestley of Middlesex-based Abatis Ltd continue as President for the forthcoming Association year.
Halfway up the hill lay three rows of abatis, an obstacle composed of felled trees stripped of their leaves and smaller branches with remaining branches sharpened into points.
He put just over pounds 3m into Vancouver-based Abatis and was rewarded with a pounds 181m profit when it was sold last year.
The forest of the Tula Abatis consists mainly of middle-aged and old stands and harvested sites containing dense regeneration (Kurnayev 1980).
His other successes include Vancouver-based Abatis, set up with $5million and which he sold four years later for $1.2billion.
For example, from Anderson's judicious quotation from the diaries kept by many New England soldiers, a reader feels the shocking experience for thousands of colonial farm boys of seeing hundreds of British regulars caught in an "abatis" of felled trees (tree limbs sharpened and woven together) and being slaughtered by French musketry and grapeshot at Ticonderoga.
www.redback.com Circle 258 for more information from Abatis
The ground then rose at an angle of 30 to 35 degrees to an abatis (heavy trees, cut down and arranged end to end, with the tops cut off and the branches sharpened and interlaced).