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Synonyms for abate

Synonyms for abate

to become or cause to become less active or intense

to take away (a quantity) from another quantity

Synonyms for abate

make less active or intense


become less in amount or intensity

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There is little comfort coming from the analysts with no signs of the boom abating in the short term.
To be sure, weakness in demand shows signs of abating, but those signs are preliminary and tentative.
During his 9-year tenure as chief, Newsham's accomplishments include instituting training programs for officers, abating gang activity, particularly in the city's Elmwood area, getting new equipment for officers and the 1998 opening of the new police and fire headquarters on Third Street.
For abating interest, the Service must have contacted the taxpayer about the deficiency and no significant aspect of any error or delay can be attributable to the taxpayer or a related party (as defined in Sec.
Furthermore, assuming there are First Amendment associational interests implicated by the criminal street gang injunction, such interests arguably are outweighed by the compelling interests of the government in abating the ongoing nuisance created by the gang's conduct.
Two, intermediate and long term interest rates are likely to decline further owing to abating inflation, a lowering of inflation expectations, slack credit demand, accumulating liquidity in the system as the private sectors pay down debt and portfolio extension as investors reach out along the maturity spectrum to capture yield.
Areas of specialization include abating GHG emissions from the chemicals, oil & gas, waste management and natural resource sectors.
Nonetheless, to date there is little evidence to suggest that longer-term advances in technology and associated gains in productivity are abating.
Rats nest a few feet below the ground and come to the surface after excavation is done, not before, so abating rats on the surface prior to digging is useless, they argued.
State and local officials are often criticized for abating property taxes that local residents and school boards feel are not necessary.
Cooperative research that will be continued or initiated includes studies on condensed matter theory, the evolution of geological processes, abating erosion of the global ecology, energy conservation and nuclear reactor safety.