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Synonyms for abatement

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Synonyms for abatement

the act or process of becoming less active or intense

an amount deducted

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Synonyms for abatement

an interruption in the intensity or amount of something

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References in classic literature ?
There had been no abatement in the ferocity of the tempest, nor was there indication of any.
He felt that he could leave her with a quiet mind to tread the paths of distinction, and wished--but without abatement of patronage, and without prejudice to the retiring virtues of his favourite child-- that he had such another daughter.
Still, there was no abatement in the storm, but it blew harder.
But with all these abatements, the business of federal legislation must continue so far to exceed, both in novelty and difficulty, the legislative business of a single State, as to justify the longer period of service assigned to those who are to transact it.
He hath by rote the name of every knight of France or of England; and all the tree of his family, with his kinships, coat-armor, marriages, augmentations, abatements, and I know not what beside.
Receiving the eight-year property tax abatement on the $83 million in new machinery and other equipment will save the company more than $4 million over the life of the abatement.
announces that it has acquired exclusive distribution rights to market a new VOC abatement system called Fumes-to-Fuel, from Climate Technologies Corporation.
It is well-known in the world of environmental exposure that policyholders in all jurisdictions face environmental liabilities, subjecting them to costly administrative agency orders--in lieu of formal lawsuits--requiring remediation and abatement of contamination.
In response to the lead problem, most urban health departments have focused on inspection and abatement of homes of affected children.
A village of Gurnee contractor will do the first communitywide mosquito abatement treatment of the summer Sunday night into Monday morning, according to the village.
Bend, OR, March 29, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Northwest Abatement Rentals is a new business based in Central Oregon offering rental services for a wide array for abatement, dust containment, and remediation equipment.
The SJC had been asked to review the common-law rule of abatement ab initio, which, if applied, have voided Hernandez's convictions.
A proposed implementation guide from GASB has prompted criticism from several groups that question how the board expects state and local governments to follow its disclosure guidance for tax abatements. According to GASB, its implementation guidance was intended to help governments determine when the forgiveness of property (axes should be classified as a tax abatement, but critics say (hat if the proposed implementation guidance is finalized, many abatements will escape disclosure.
This column summarizes common IRS penalties that tax practitioners see almost daily, and practical ways to obtain a penalty abatement.