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  • verb

Synonyms for abate

Synonyms for abate

to become or cause to become less active or intense

to take away (a quantity) from another quantity

Synonyms for abate

make less active or intense


become less in amount or intensity

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Reclassifying Tarzan as crime fiction, Abate moves to the detection of crime in chapter 4, "'A Sixth Sense Seemed to Tell Her That She Had Encountered Something Unusual': Psychic Sleuthing in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories.
Abate declares that parents should realize that the books their children are reading today are not more--or less--violent than those of 100 years ago.
One need to look no further than the quintessential children's stories, fairy tales, to find violence and murder, Abate said.
Abate said: "Giorgio is a very important player with international experience and strong physique but I'm sure whoever replaces him will be good enough to have a great game.
A captura de frangos de corte e uma etapa que acontece anteriormente ao transporte, periodo em que os frangos, quando atingem o peso de abate, sao capturados por funcionarios, colocados em gaiolas e so entao conduzidos ate o abatedouro (RIBEIRO, 2008).
Portanto, no modelo da analise de variancia foram usados os efeitos fixos de peso, fontes de carboidratos, porcoes do intestino delgado, epocas de abate e suas respectivas interacoes; e o efeito aleatorio de blocos.
The court delegation debated the case under the new arrangement, and decided to abate it.
An ICM agent named Richard Abate should have hired an agent recently when he decided to switch to Endeavor to start a new lit division.
Motorcyclists believe in freedom, and we attack anything that is attacking our freedom," explains Robert Fletcher, coordinator of the Texas ABATE Confederation.
Many states have established fees and programs to manage scrap tire generation and to abate stockpiles within their borders.
With the return of economic advancement for the majority of Americans in the mid-1990s, many of these deplorable tendencies began to abate.
The dramatic surge in dinosaur discoveries that paleontologists have been enjoying in recent years won't soon abate, a new analysis suggests.
While inquiries are being made, a notice will be affixed to the vehicle and, if the responsible person cannot be found within an hour, the council can authorise works to abate the nuisance.