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of or relating to abasia (inability to walk)


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This pathway entails removal of the damaged bases and resulting abasic region, followed by insertion of the correct nucleotides and ligation to seal the gap (Lu et al.
1bn seen as a abasic and conservative forecasta with upside of RUB1.
Descriptively, the hOGG1 gene on chromosome 3p26 catalyzes the cleavage of a glycosylic bond between the modified base and a sugar moiety, leaving an abasic apurinic/apyrimidinic site in DNA which is then incised followed by a few successive actions of a phosphodiesterase that completes the repair process with a final function by a DNA polymerase, and a DNA ligase (7,8).
BIRMINGHAM Mail OurSay ABASIC requirement for any sort of stable life is to have a secure roof over your head.
Abasic network diagram looks a bit like a game of connect the dots that ends in a jumbled mess instead of a pretty picture.
ABASIC rail return to London will smash through the pounds 100 barrier in the New Year.
Abasic rate taxpayer saving this amount in a top-paying taxable account would lose around pounds 45 of the interest earned every year to the taxman, while a higher rate taxpayer could be charged pounds 90.
The in-store asking price of abasic model is $500 (pounds 250).
1 Million for SiC Powder and Ceramic Armor Production II-21 ABASIC to Commence Operations at Its New Plant II-21
Tenders are invited for Electrical installations work of two storied girls hostel building of pandit raghunath murmu abasic school at aousgram in the district of burdwan - first floor
UDG hydrolyses the N-glycosidic bond between the uracil base and the sugar phosphate backbone, thus generating abasic sites on the DNA strand at which certain DNA polymerases are likely to halt (14).
XRCC1 coordinates the initial and late stages of DNA abasic site repair through protein-protein interactions.