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Synonyms for abasic

of or relating to abasia (inability to walk)


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Renciuket al., "Clustered abasic lesions profoundly change the structure and stability of human telomeric G-quadruplexes," Nucleic Acids Research, vol.
Mispaired bases are repaired by mismatch repair (MMR); oxidative damage, abasic sites, and uracil in DNA are corrected by removing the altered base through base excision repair (BER); UV radiation damage and bulky adducts that disrupt the structure of the double helix are repaired by nucleotide excision repair (NER), in which an oligonucleotide of 30 bp containing the lesion is removed [4].
Exonuclease III and Fpg nucleases recognize and cut the internal abasic residue, thus generating fluorescence.
Their topics include the history of coral disease research, the innate immune system in cnidarians, the physiology of skeletogenesis in scleractinian coral, aspergillosis of Caribbean Sea fan corals, skeletal growth anomalies in corals, cyanobacteria-associated colored-band diseases of the Atlantic and Caribbean, coral "bleaching" as a generalized stress response to environmental disturbance, biocontainment practices for coral disease research, and chemiluminescent methods for quantifying DNA abasic lesions in scleractinian coral tissues.
Abasic metabolic panel can detect electrolyte disturbances and acute renal failure.
1997), (ii) the nuclear localisation of saporin and (iii) the contemporary presence of DNA gaps resulting from abasic sites in HeLa intoxicated ceils (Bolognesi et al.
Damascus, SANA- A terrorist mortar attack hit aBasic Education school in al-Malki neighborhood in Damascus city on Wednesday,killing a female teacher and injuring a number of students.
Abasic bank account with no fees for failed payments has been unveiled following an agreement between Britain's major lenders and the Government.
Yet, he recognizes that these principles "proceed naturally from the fact that the invader has to deal with apopulation unanimously opposed to him..." The fact that there are general principles that produce ageneral law emanating from abasic condition of violence and opposition is another manifestation of the repetitive nature of the structure.
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Zigman, "Human RAD2 homolog 1 5'- to 3'-exo/endonuclease can efficiently excise a displaced DNA fragment containing a 5,-terminal abasic lesion by endonuclease activity," Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
ABASIC right we all expect is to be treated with dignity and respect when we reach a certain age.