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Synonyms for abashment

Synonyms for abashment

feeling embarrassed due to modesty


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That the plough is called out twice a day on average, according to its two operatives, did rather alleviate some of my abashment and guilt.
Still tight in his arms, I looked up and saw in my father's face a mix of fear and abashment.
A jaunty, acoustic-led, heart-on-sleeve tribute to his children, unabashed in its declaration of unconditional love and thrilling for Weller's sheer lack of abashment.
Finally, this movie was co-produced by Oliver Stone, who as a mongerer of paranoia, a narrator of pseudo-history, and an exploiter of violence as pseudo-protest, knows something about the lack of abashment.
Wood, "Plea Deal Lets DA Avert Abashment," Fulton County Daily Report, Oct.