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Synonyms for abashment

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Synonyms for abashment

feeling embarrassed due to modesty


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As the narrative of Laura Wilson Kulick shows, some women's abashment about the mysteries of their bodies inhibited them from using effective contraceptive methods even when they finally heard about them.
That the plough is called out twice a day on average, according to its two operatives, did rather alleviate some of my abashment and guilt.
Still tight in his arms, I looked up and saw in my father's face a mix of fear and abashment. My affection for tractors never dimmed, but from that moment I never mounted one without some subliminal part of me going on high alert.
A jaunty, acoustic-led, heart-on-sleeve tribute to his children, unabashed in its declaration of unconditional love and thrilling for Weller's sheer lack of abashment. Spaghetti hoops and fizzy pop all round.