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Synonyms for abashed

Synonyms for abashed

feeling or caused to feel uneasy and self-conscious

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Fogg said nothing; while Passepartout, abashed, kept repeating that "it wasn't worth telling.
not far from here," he added in an apologetic voice, somewhat abashed.
Abashed and confused, he, in his awkward hurry, replaced the volume wrong side uppermost; whereupon, with a supreme effort to recover himself, he turned it round with a smile and a blush, as though he were at a loss how to view his own misdemeanour.
Nevertheless, the calm religious dignity of his countenance abashed Mordaunt.
Finally, the deputies returned abashed to their constituents, pronouncing the matter too weighty to be handled, except by a council of the churches, if, indeed, it might not require a general synod.
Poor Jason was greatly abashed, and made up his mind that the people of Iolchos were exceedingly ill-bred, to take such public notice of an accidental deficiency in his dress.
Then Adrienne hesitated; she appeared desirous of speaking, and yet abashed.
Ah, you affect discretion; but tell me now, were you not a little abashed before these blooming young creatures?
Her elder cousins mortified her by reflections on her size, and abashed her by noticing her shyness: Miss Lee wondered at her ignorance, and the maid-servants sneered at her clothes; and when to these sorrows was added the idea of the brothers and sisters among whom she had always been important as playfellow, instructress, and nurse, the despondence that sunk her little heart was severe.
I have met holy ones who would have cursed thee from hearthstone to byre,' said Kim to the abashed man.
And yet, though the elder person was as simply clad as the younger, and as simple in manner too, he had an indescribable air of one who knew the world, and who would not have felt abashed at the governor's dinner table or in King William's court, were it possible that his affairs should call him thither.
I was abashed immediately afterwards, when I saw him advance towards my table with his friend.
Vogelstein looked at her a moment, and it came over him, as he smiled, that she herself probably wouldn't have been abashed even by the hero with whom history has taken fewest liberties.
Oh, shut up," growled Martin, somewhat abashed by the violence of her broken words and gasping sobs.
The people assembled; Mahomet called the hill to come to him, again and again; and when the hill stood still, he was never a whit abashed, but said, If the hill will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet will go to the hill.