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Synonyms for abashed

Synonyms for abashed

feeling or caused to feel uneasy and self-conscious

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The people even like me as I go about, and make so much of me that I am quite abashed.
The lad was a bit abashed, but he finally said: "Well Mary, I wer thinkin' how nice it would be if ye'd give me a wee bit of a kiss.
Despite his abashed persona, the UAE's emerging fashion designer has dressed up members of ruling families and visiting Filipino celebrities, including Aubrey Miles, Troy Montero, MYMP and Jam Morales.
But those who complained about the sight needn't feel abashed about coming forward.
stag's shot and lies slumped and abashed on the forest floor.
For the first time in my journalistic career, I feel abashed to paraphrase, but I must.
The Josses Hill fan sits in abashed silence before his friend pats him on the back and explains: "His name's Joss.
Years later, the teenage Rizal was similarly abashed when he sang poorly during a harana.
And when my toddler fractured his leg jumping off of a ledge, I was abashed when every healthcare worker, from his pediatrician to the radiologist to the tech who applied the cast, intently quizzed me about how the accident happened.
Somewhat abashed, I must also, however, offer an apology to Professor Garrett Sheldon for confusing him, in the editorial introduction to last summer's issue, with his ancestor Gilbert Sheldon, Archbishop of Canterbury during the Restoration.
The little boy looked slightly abashed and then muttered, "Miss, he called me an Rs*h**e".
But the star also mentioned that women who gained pregnancy weight should not be abashed.
Unlike the more abashed m dmi Party -- which has tried to explain how it's own extra- legal policing is justifiable -- Raj T seems to have no qualms explaining exactly what he expects from his cadres.
He said that the televised debates abashed the countries which accused the Islamic Republic of preventing the freedom of speech.
When by chance Melkior observes an old teacher, Dom Kuzma, wasted by disease, fretting over the same streetcorner scale Melkior frequents, he is abashed.