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Synonyms for abashed

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Synonyms for abashed

feeling or caused to feel uneasy and self-conscious

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"That may be," said the Raven; "I did not examine him so minutely; but I know from my tame sweetheart, that when he came into the court-yard of the palace, and saw the body-guard in silver, the lackeys on the staircase, he was not the least abashed; he nodded, and said to them, 'It must be very tiresome to stand on the stairs; for my part, I shall go in.' The saloons were gleaming with lustres--privy councillors and excellencies were walking about barefooted, and wore gold keys; it was enough to make any one feel uncomfortable.
One hall was more magnificent than the other; one might indeed well be abashed; and at last they came into the bedchamber.
Gania certainly did look dreadfully abashed. Colia rushed up to comfort the prince, and after him crowded Varia, Rogojin and all, even the general.
Fogg said nothing; while Passepartout, abashed, kept repeating that "it wasn't worth telling."
Then everybody laughed and jeered at her; and she was so abashed, that she wished herself a thousand feet deep in the earth.
The people even like me as I go about, and make so much of me that I am quite abashed. I owe it all to him, my love, my pride!
During the 2012 London Olympics, the government was so abashed by the archaic Sunday trading laws that they were suspended for eight weeks.
However, in-spite of all the efforts, India has fallen short of defaming Pakistan and was abashed on multiple forums including the United Nations.
At the same time, Issie was abashed at her own forwardness; a voice within her asked where did she think she was going?
Klaveren is now feeling abashed over his previous statements.
Abashed, he returns to you with superficial wounds from the barbed wire on his legs and face.
The old woman was extremely humbled, and at the same time abashed by her actions in light of the concern that the Prophet (PBUH) showed her.By seeing the example of compassion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), she became convinced that Islam must be a true religion that the Prophet (PBUH) was preaching.
The lad was a bit abashed, but he finally said: "Well Mary, I wer thinkin' how nice it would be if ye'd give me a wee bit of a kiss."
Despite his abashed persona, the UAE's emerging fashion designer has dressed up members of ruling families and visiting Filipino celebrities, including Aubrey Miles, Troy Montero, MYMP and Jam Morales.
But those who complained about the sight needn't feel abashed about coming forward.