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Synonyms for abandon



abandon yourself to something


  • indulge in
  • give way to
  • yield to
  • wallow in
  • give free rein to
  • lose yourself in
  • give yourself up to

Synonyms for abandon

to give up or leave without intending to return or claim again

to let (something) go

to yield (oneself) unrestrainedly, as to a particular impulse

a complete surrender of inhibitions

a careless, often reckless disregard for consequences

Synonyms for abandon

the trait of lacking restraint or control

a feeling of extreme emotional intensity


give up with the intent of never claiming again

leave behind empty


stop maintaining or insisting on

leave someone who needs or counts on you

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At this point, a company should explicitly consider abandoning the asset in question by estimating the value of the asset in place and comparing the result with the abandonment value.
If the abandonment value is $110,000 in each case, the decisions are obvious: asset A should be abandoned; assets B and C should be retained.
In Finley,(14) the Tax Court also linked the event of worthlessness of the partnership interest to the abandonment of that interest.
The rule to be deduced from the "abandonment" cases, we think, is that a deduction should be permitted where there is not merely a shrinkage of value, but instead, a complete elimination of all value, and the recognition by the owner that his property no longer has any utility or worth to him, by means of a specific act proving his abandonment of all interest in it, which act of abandonment must take place in the year in which the value has actually been extinguished.
today launched a real-time website analytics service called Abandonment Tracker Free, the world's first free abandonment tracking service.
Abandonment Tracker Free is available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that makes it easy to convert up to 30 percent of website visitors who had previously abandoned their shopping carts, online forms, applications and registrations.
The concept is based on a situation in which there is a late cancellation, defined as within three hours of the start of the first race, or an abandonment after the meeting has commenced.
Either a flat fee to cover all runners or a fee based on mileage travelled, with a similar structure for jockeys, would go a long way towards enabling the racing community to work together and end the time-consuming process of individual negotiations between racing constituents for each abandonment.
Exhibit 1, page 47, compares the tax consequences of voluntary reconveyances, foreclosures and abandonments in terms of the mortgagor's solvency and personal liability.
The threshold issue in a voluntary reconveyance, foreclosure or abandonment is determining whether a taxable event has occurred.
In some cases, a partner in a partnership owning troubled real estate may be able to claim a loss on the abandonment of his partnership interest, even if he has a negative capital account.
For an abandonment to occur, there must be (1) an intention to abandon and (2) an affirmative act of abandonment.
Pioneer's production and cost performance were strong while exploration and abandonment expense was higher than normal as a result of charges not directly related to the quarter's drilling activities.
The PetroGlobe Well Management Division specializes in well rehabilitation and abandonments and has many years of experience in Canada.
For more information about the Parker Vo Abandonment Index, visit them at http://abandonmentindex.