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Synonyms for abandon



abandon yourself to something


  • indulge in
  • give way to
  • yield to
  • wallow in
  • give free rein to
  • lose yourself in
  • give yourself up to

Synonyms for abandon

to give up or leave without intending to return or claim again

to let (something) go

to yield (oneself) unrestrainedly, as to a particular impulse

a complete surrender of inhibitions

a careless, often reckless disregard for consequences

Synonyms for abandon

the trait of lacking restraint or control

a feeling of extreme emotional intensity


give up with the intent of never claiming again

leave behind empty


stop maintaining or insisting on

leave someone who needs or counts on you

References in classic literature ?
In truth everything presented itself in a dark and gloomy light to Prince Andrew, especially after the abandonment of Smolensk on the sixth of August (he considered that it could and should have been defended) and after his sick father had had to flee to Moscow, abandoning to pillage his dearly beloved Bald Hills which he had built and peopled.
I expect the Minister [Barclay de Tolly] has already reported the abandonment of Smolensk to the enemy.
said she, hanging round his neck with childish indolence, rather than with loving abandonment.
Crooks himself, when voyaging in company with another trader of the name of M'Lellan, had been interrupted by these marauders, and had considered himself fortunate in escaping down the river without loss of life or property, but with a total abandonment of his trading voyage.
The deal may take in two more subsea wells, taking the total number of abandonments to 12.
related to captured-induced abandonment); 2) availability at zoos for calves recovered in viable condition was exhausted, and not to exceed 6 capture-induced abandonments; 3) the proportion of capture-induced abandonments that would discontinue capture operations would have changed with the total number of calves collared (i.
If people are imposed penalties or fees for having more than four petsA|this may increase the incidence of pet abandonments, Evangelista added.
The severe weather last winter led to abandonments at many National Hunt racecourses, including some, of all shapes and sizes, who have achieved full partner status.
195) The right to block railway abandonments was initially vested in the Interstate Commerce Commission, and it has been exercised by the Surface Transportation Board (STB) since the Commission's demise.
The actual number of infant abandonments is unclear because many infants are never located.
Despite the state law, child abandonments still occur.
The report offers information about the number of both legal and illegal infant abandonments in the states where such laws have been passed.
But when studied empirically, problems and abandonments often match imperfectly, leading to explanations drawn from theories of learning (Burgelman, 1994), conflict (Ocasio, 1994), regeneration (Starbuck and Hedberg, 1977), or contagion (Burns and Wholey, 1993), either alone or as supplementary explanations.
While providing new information to the market about poorly performing assets may result in stock price reductions, a positive reaction often occurs when abandonments of poorly performing assets are announced; the market is relieved the capital will be reallocated to assets with superior returns.
Over the years, as a result of defaults and abandonments, we have lost enough housing to shelter the entire population of Boston and then some.