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Synonyms for abandonment

Synonyms for abandonment

the act of forsaking


a complete surrender of inhibitions

Synonyms for abandonment

the act of giving something up

withdrawing support or help despite allegiance or responsibility

the voluntary surrender of property (or a right to property) without attempting to reclaim it or give it away

References in classic literature ?
In truth everything presented itself in a dark and gloomy light to Prince Andrew, especially after the abandonment of Smolensk on the sixth of August (he considered that it could and should have been defended) and after his sick father had had to flee to Moscow, abandoning to pillage his dearly beloved Bald Hills which he had built and peopled.
I expect the Minister [Barclay de Tolly] has already reported the abandonment of Smolensk to the enemy.
said she, hanging round his neck with childish indolence, rather than with loving abandonment.
Crooks himself, when voyaging in company with another trader of the name of M'Lellan, had been interrupted by these marauders, and had considered himself fortunate in escaping down the river without loss of life or property, but with a total abandonment of his trading voyage.
Separation, even if consensual, can nonetheless support a finding of abandonment if the totality of the facts support the reasonable inference that a spouse intended to completely give up the relation of husband and wife with no intention of resuming same.
Abandonment has a long presence in Western cultural, philosophical and legal canon, though most contemporary critical debates focus on its sovereign and juridico-political functions.
Aquaterra Energy, a global offshore engineering solutions provider has bagged a multi-million pound contract to deliver high pressure riser (HPR) equipment and services for a subsea abandonment project in the central North Sea.
239) further states that "to establish the abandonment of an asset, a taxpayer must show intent to abandon the asset, and must overtly act to abandon the asset.
Synopsis: "The Abandonment Recovery Workbook: Guidance through the Five Stages of Healing from Abandonment, Heartbreak, and Loss" by psychotherapist Susan Anderson (founder of the abandonment recovery movement, including thirty years' professional experience working with victims of trauma, grief, and loss), is a long out-of-print classic that has now been brought back into print by New World Library for the benefit of a whole new generation of counselors, therapists, and the general public, The experience of abandonment can stem experiencing divorce, breakups, death, or the loss of friendship, the onset of ill health, being let go from a job, or the failure to achieve a dream, is a challenge faced sooner or later in every life.
International oilfield services company, Expro, has successfully completed a plug and abandonment (P&A) project in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) for Apache.
Renunciation: Acts of Abandonment by Writers, Philosophers, and Artists
ABSTRACT: Neonatal moose (Alces alces) may be prone to maternal abandonment induced by capture activities.
This study titled, 'Understanding India's Shopping Cart Abandonment 2015-16'provides insights, strategies and recommendations for India marketers to earn back the lost revenues in abandoned shopping carts.
A common problem encountered by e-commerce businesses is that between 25% and 88% of consumers abandon the products in their shopping cart, resulting in the last-minute loss of a transaction opportunity (Kukar-Kinney & Close, 2010); therefore, understanding how to reduce cart abandonment is a priority for e-commerce businesses.
Of all the tools marketers use to rescue ecommerce sales, cart abandonment emails have become the proverbial hammer.