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Synonyms for abandon



abandon yourself to something


  • indulge in
  • give way to
  • yield to
  • wallow in
  • give free rein to
  • lose yourself in
  • give yourself up to

Synonyms for abandon

to give up or leave without intending to return or claim again

to let (something) go

to yield (oneself) unrestrainedly, as to a particular impulse

a complete surrender of inhibitions

a careless, often reckless disregard for consequences

Synonyms for abandon

the trait of lacking restraint or control

a feeling of extreme emotional intensity


give up with the intent of never claiming again

leave behind empty


stop maintaining or insisting on

leave someone who needs or counts on you

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Nearly one-quarter (23%) of those who have reported abandoning a mobile transaction say their cart was valued at $100 or more the last time they abandoned a transaction at the checkout.
To consider abandoning these assets, the net present value of remaining cash flows must be estimated.
The Company reserved the right not to proceed with the Reverse Stock Split in the event that it determined that the amount of cash required to cash out fractional shares would exceed $3,000,000 (exclusive of transaction costs and fees), or if the Company otherwise determined that abandoning the Reverse Stock Split would be in the best interests of the Company.
This is a chance for us to spread the word to every public high school student in Illinois so that a desperate young parent, who might be considering abandoning an infant, knows there are other options," Geras said.
Holden wrote that local consensus on the terminal was impossible, that the Airport Authority was abandoning its efforts, and that the terminal's future now rested with the FAA.
In some circumstances, it may be more advantageous to consider legally abandoning the property and claiming an ordinary loss against ordinary income.
While the concepts may be related, abandoning a property or asset is not necessarily the same as determining it is worthless.
School board President Caprice Young, who previously supported the completion of Belmont, joined longtime opponents David Tokofsky and Julie Korenstein on Wednesday in calling for abandoning the project.
The loss was allowed because of the difficulty in abandoning a nuclear power plant and the fact that the taxpayer had taken all the steps necessary to abandon the plant and could not reverse course to recover the property.
There was no sale or exchange because Citron was not relieved of liabilities as a result of abandoning his interest.
LANCASTER - Carolyn Phipps is accustomed to people abandoning dogs in the desert around her house.
However, the Fifth Circuit decision in Echols(1) and its later per curiam decision on the IRS's appeal of the original decision have highlighted the possibility of claiming a loss deduction on the worthlessness of a partnership interest without also abandoning the interest.