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Synonyms for abandon



abandon yourself to something


  • indulge in
  • give way to
  • yield to
  • wallow in
  • give free rein to
  • lose yourself in
  • give yourself up to

Synonyms for abandon

to give up or leave without intending to return or claim again

to let (something) go

to yield (oneself) unrestrainedly, as to a particular impulse

a complete surrender of inhibitions

a careless, often reckless disregard for consequences

Synonyms for abandon

the trait of lacking restraint or control

a feeling of extreme emotional intensity


give up with the intent of never claiming again

leave behind empty


stop maintaining or insisting on

leave someone who needs or counts on you

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44) Applied to abandonment, an information asymmetry exists between the abandoner and the abandonee as to the quality of the thing abandoned.
26) The first two requirements are unilateral acts that closely resemble the law of abandonment, with "delivery" standing in for the requirement that the abandoner forgo possession.
Acceptor magpies therefore did not appear to have lower current reproductive success than ejector or abandoner magpies.
Dejar el mundo historico por la metafisica de esencias como el "hispanoamericanismo" es abandoner la historia y optar por un milenarismo que puede degenerar en locuras privadas, o "en una aceptacion acritica de estereotipos, mitos, animosidades, y tradiciones alentadas por el imperialismo.
27) It is hard to imagine abandonment as a domain for such transfers because (1) people will be reluctant to abandon property they value to total strangers; (2) total strangers who do not want such property will be reluctant to take possession of it; and (3) there is little reason to think that the finder of such undesirable property will feel any sense of kinship with the abandoner, such that he will willingly take possession.
Through automation, marketers can target abandoners with special reminders, incentivizing them to complete the form, and capturing a larger share of their audience.
90 Coastline Bluegrass Music Event, Llangollen Brilliant international music festival in beautiful Llangollen featuring Sunnyside from the Czech Republic, Cup O'Joe from Northern Ireland and the Reckless Abandoners from Yorkshire.
Nonetheless, females appear to be more innovative and ahead of men in their ability to use the code that is attached to prestige regardless of the cost that they may pay as abandoners of their native dialect.
If used smartly, in-store pickup may just be the edge retailers need to combat serial cart abandoners," says Graham McVie, VP of business development for Toronto-based Precima, a retail analytics solution owned by LoyaltyOne, "as well as providing an additional touchpoint in the consumer experience by getting the online shopper in the store.
Its world-class Site Retargeting is highly effective at re-engaging site abandoners and unmatched in helping clients realize their return on ad spend (ROAS) goals.
An increasing number of online financial product applicants and the potential for business that they offer makes reducing the number of application abandoners critical--the report forecasts that the number of online applicants will double in the next five years and that right now 54% of consumers who start an online application fail to complete it.
Website conversion company SeeWhy Inc said on Tuesday that it is partnering with Silverpop, a provider of e-mail marketing and marketing automation solutions, to provide automated e-mail follow-up to website abandoners.