abandoned ship

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a ship abandoned on the high seas


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The crew abandoned ship on Sunday night when its cargo shifted and the vessel lost stability.
He was on deck when the Royal Oak was hit and abandoned ship as it began to sink.
The Coast Guard's Jayhawk crew reached the stranded crew about 90 minutes after they they abandoned ship.
As the brigantine started to founder, the crew abandoned ship as the risk of it capsizing on to the rafts became too great.
Douglas sometimes feels like the captain of an abandoned ship.
Briton Phil Metcalf, whose daughter Rose was a dancer on the liner and was one of the last people off the vessel, said she told him Schettino abandoned ship in the early stages of the evacuation.
The captain and chief officer remained on board for several hours, with the ship listing badly at 30 degrees, before they also abandoned ship.
The five crew of the Barraregistered Laurel abandoned ship in a small liferaft.
MORE misery was piled on online bank Egg yesterday as a major investor abandoned ship.
It was en route from Antwerp, Belgium, to South Africa when her 26 crew members abandoned ship.
The crew abandoned ship onto a liferaft before the vessel sank at 11.