abandoned ship

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a ship abandoned on the high seas


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It is recalled here that gas cylinder blasts took place at the ship few days back when over 100 laborers were engaged in dismantling abandoned ship brought at Gadani ship-breaking yard.
US Coast Guard officials are suspending their search for the missing Captain of the HMS Bounty, who went missing off the coast of North Carolina earlier this week after the crew abandoned ship in high seas brought on by Hurricane Sandy.
So far, her agent, publicist and entertainment lawyer have all abandoned ship.
He had said the ship may have sunk or was sinking since the crew had already abandoned ship, and that a search had been launched.
Those on board the vessel abandoned ship due to the rough waves.
When the rescue ship arrived, smoke was coming from the ship and the crew had abandoned ship.
The team from the Green Bushes all dressed as babies are pictured as they abandoned ship while their vessel sank to a watery grave.
When the vessel started taking on too much water to remain afloat, the mariners abandoned ship into a life raft where they remained for two days before the rescue.
The crew abandoned ship but the vessel's cargo of bagged flour kept her afloat.
Antiquities dealer Alex is auctioning off some of the artifacts and relics on the abandoned ship when attempts are made on his life, leading him to investigate the hidden truth about the craft--an investigation which will take him to the stars.