abandoned ship

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a ship abandoned on the high seas


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The humanitarian approach of the UAE Government is the reason why so many abandoned ships make it to the UAE's territorial waters, said a minister.
It is recalled here that gas cylinder blasts took place at the ship few days back when over 100 laborers were engaged in dismantling abandoned ship brought at Gadani ship-breaking yard.
I have yet to see one word on the destroyer USS Dickerson at Okinawa and how, in April 1945, two suicide planes dove into the Dickerson and 52 men abandoned ship. One of the sailors was my cousin Al Shelmerdine who, along with his mates, received the Purple Heart.
Witnesses said that as (http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/442374/20130305/schettino-costa-concordia-victims-italy.htm) Schettino allegedly abandoned ship , the Mumbai native stayed on to help other passengers to safety and even gave one his own lifejacket.
The 63 year old had abandoned ship after his 11-metre yacht was dismasted in foul weather 500 nautical miles off the southern coast of Tasmania.
He had said the ship may have sunk or was sinking since the crew had already abandoned ship, and that a search had been launched.
Those on board the vessel abandoned ship due to the rough waves.
When the rescue ship arrived, smoke was coming from the ship and the crew had abandoned ship.
The team from the Green Bushes all dressed as babies are pictured as they abandoned ship while their vessel sank to a watery grave.
When the vessel started taking on too much water to remain afloat, the mariners abandoned ship into a life raft where they remained for two days before the rescue.