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any of various large edible marine gastropods of the genus Haliotis having an ear-shaped shell with pearly interior

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The most serious shell-boring polychaete pests that affect abalone cultures worldwide are related to two spionid genera (Polydora and Boccardia) (Lleonart et al.
Reproductive biology of three species of abalones Holiotis in southern California.
Al Hafidh said there is a big demand for exports of Omani abalones as the South Asian region is considered to be an abalone-demand and expanded market.
For mortar, the abalone secretes its own version of Superglue made of a concoction of organic compounds whose formula the researchers now seek to unravel.
Juvenile green abalones (10-100 mm in length) feed mainly on diatoms and some species of macroalgae (Guzman del Proo et al.
KEY WORDS: Haliotis rufescens, larval competence, metamorphosis, post-larval survival, red abalone, larvae, distribution
Dried abalones command a high price in the international market.
Lin says that this arrangement of tiles makes the abalone shell far stronger than the calcium carbonate shells of other organisms.
They are sport divers preparing to plunge without air tanks into the frigid, kelp-blackened Pacific Ocean in search of abalone, a legendary California delicacy.
Although abalone is expensive in Japan, it is popular among Japanese consumers, who eat it in sashimi, Chinese food, and holiday gift preparations.
To serve Melt butler in hot large skillet when it begins to brown, add abalones, foot side up Cook, basting with butter, until abalones are golden brown on bottom Flip them over, baste with butter, and squeeze lemon juice over abalones Remove from pan Stir chopped chives into warm braised trotters Plate as shown.
Wild abalone were measured with a higher metal content than aquacultured abalones, which could corroborate this finding.
Dr Alawi Bin Salim Al Hafeedh, Director General of the Directorate General of Fisheries in Dhofar said the season for abalone fishing this year has been fixed at 20 days in a bid by the ministry to reduce pressure on the marine wealth which suffered remarkable declines in its growth rates, as well as fall in the number of big size abalones.
The shells of abalones have a low and open spiral structure, and are characterized by several open respiratory pores in a row near the shell's outer edge.
WAA has been in line with its goal of promoting Abalone further into the international market, hence it has decided to bring the company's famous Abalones to the UAE.