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any of various large edible marine gastropods of the genus Haliotis having an ear-shaped shell with pearly interior

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KEY WORDS: abalone, Haliotis discus, carbohydrate source, dextrin, glucose, corn starch, a-cellulose, maltose, sucrose, wheat flour
Abalones are generalist, opportunistic herbivores that readily accept a wide range of diets.
Kinch eventually found a company with a strong sense of sustainability (they harvest all the kelp and other seaweed used to feed their abalones, among other measures) that raises great abalone, and it has turned into a 15-year relationship.
Big Island Abalone Corporation was founded in 1997 and began selling abalone in 2001.
Oceanus is a holding company with two principal businesses: aquaculture and abalone processing/distribution, aiming to be a fully integrated player in the abalone sector.
Muscat: Oman has declared a three-year-long moratorium on the harvest, sale and export of abalone - a shellfish that commands top dollars in the markets of the Far East.
Jewelers may prize abalone shells for their mother-of-pearl, but scientists have long been equally enchanted by the shell's strength.
The most challenging aspect of recovering white abalones will be to overcome the lack of basic biological information for this species.
They are sport divers preparing to plunge without air tanks into the frigid, kelp-blackened Pacific Ocean in search of abalone, a legendary California delicacy.
Giant and tokobushi abalone are also used in preparations known as "nigai" or ni-awabi", whole abalones cooked with fish broth and soy.
For the abalone Remove abalones from shells with spoon Using kitchen shears, remove viscera Rinse thoroughly.