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any of various large edible marine gastropods of the genus Haliotis having an ear-shaped shell with pearly interior

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Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford also recently visited abalone fishers and processors in Eastern Victoria and announced that commercial abalone and rock lobster fishers would no longer be required to obtain a PrimeSafe licence, bringing Victoria into line with other states, and removing red tape and costs from the sector.
The moratorium, announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries on Wednesday, is aimed at rebuilding abalone stocks after studies pointed to an alarming decline in their numbers.
Research that has investigated live and dried macroalgae for greenlip abalone has been predominantly conducted with Gracilaria cliftonii and Ulva sp.
The decision further states that possession, trading and transport of abalone is prohibited as well.
Marine culture is concerning more to economics fish and oysters, while in Indonesia, one of the high economic commodity which can be developed is abalone (Haliotis spp.
The ASC Abalone Standard was finalised in 2012 by the Abalone Aquaculture Dialogues, which was initiated in 2010.
The red abalone is naturally distributed along the east coast of the Pacific Ocean from Sunset Bay, Oregon USA to El Rosario Baja California, Mexico (Guzman del Proo, 1992) between the intertidal zone and down to a depth of 20 m (Cox, 1962).
Perlemoen, or Abalone is a popular and expensive delicacy, but in the last 20 years, the global commercial harvest has declined from 18,000 metric tons to a little over 10,000 metric tons.
Through a business arrangement with the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority that pumps deep sea water to the surface for use in ocean-based research and business, Big Island Abalone in Kona, Hawaii is using advanced aquaculture techniques to produce abalone for a growing world market.
Find and measure your abalone, and, if it's larger than the legal minimum size, use a spatula-like abalone iron to dislodge it from the rock.
Oceanus is a holding company with two principal businesses: aquaculture and abalone processing/distribution, aiming to be a fully integrated player in the abalone sector.
The versatility of the well known delicacy called Greenlip Abalone inspired Top Chef's Chef Christophe Prudhomme (Executive Chef Al Bustan Rotana Hotel) and Chef Jordi Servalls Bonilla (Executive Sous Chef Marriott Harbour Hotel & Residence) to create new signature dishes prepared especially to celebrate the introduction of this first class mollusc to the Gulf Region by Western Australian Abalone Ltd.
NETTING an approximate annual revenue of $60m, nowadays abalone far outstrips Oman's age-old export, frankincense, in commercial value.
THE IRISH government has resigned itself to accepting the presence of Xenohaliotis californiensis in Ireland's abalone farms, which it reported last year to the Aquatic Animals Commission (of the Office International des A [per thousand] pizooties).
The amount of suitable habitat available for the endangered white abalone (Haliotis sorenseni) was quantified to aid in obtaining an accurate estimate of the number of remaining individuals at two offshore banks and one island site off the coast of southern California.