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Synonyms for abaft

at or near or toward the stern of a ship or tail of an airplane


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We aud folks that be daffled, and with one foot abaft the krok-hooal, don't altogether like to think of it, and we don't want to feel scart of it, and that's why I've took to makin' light of it, so that I'd cheer up my own heart a bit.
And now abaft the flaming hatchway there were only we four surviving saloon passengers, the captain, his steward, the Zambesi negro, and the quarter-master at the wheel.
I dudna like the look o' ut, an' I was fuggerin' maybe tull heave to tull the marn, when she took ut over abaft the brudge.
Her interior was wholly rebuilt, so that the hold became main-cabin and staterooms, while abaft amidships were installed engines, a dynamo, an ice machine, storage batteries, and, far in the stern, gasoline tanks.
On these days you could make out that ship at a great distance by the multi-coloured grotesque riot going on abaft her mizzen mast.
Four of the hands with the boss'n were at work abaft.
The carpenter's bench stood abaft the mainmast: I leaned against it sucking at my pipe, and the carpenter, a young chap, came to talk to me.
This time, Oakville's bow struck true, and at 0345 (GCT) she rammed U-94 abaft the conning tower at a nearly right angle.
Underway replenishment (unrep) can be performed either abeam or abaft, the latter being particularly useful when refuelling is occurring during rough seas.