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at or near or toward the stern of a ship or tail of an airplane


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And now abaft the flaming hatchway there were only we four surviving saloon passengers, the captain, his steward, the Zambesi negro, and the quarter-master at the wheel.
We aud folks that be daffled, and with one foot abaft the krok-hooal, don't altogether like to think of it, and we don't want to feel scart of it, and that's why I've took to makin' light of it, so that I'd cheer up my own heart a bit.
I got up on a pretty high rock, and got a good start, and went swooping down, aiming for a bush a little over three hundred yards off; but I couldn't seem to calculate for the wind, which was about two points abaft my beam.
The carpenter's bench stood abaft the mainmast: I leaned against it sucking at my pipe, and the carpenter, a young chap, came to talk to me.
We just do the best we can." A large window abaft provides natural light, a much-appreciated extravagance.
fete, fest, feet, feat, feast, fate, fasten, fast, fans, beefs, beef, abaft, BEANFEAST Wordsquare: I.
The standing rigging included a main mast at or near midship, a bowsprit with a yard sail, and a short mast with a lateen sail abaft the tiller.
ABAFT A A counting frame B Behind C Taken by surprise who am I?
In the stern sheets, just abaft the after thwart on the port side was a human jaw bone of great size.
There was a group of off-duty stokers standing around the fiddly, abaft the funnel, who were to assist In reloading the depth charge throwers.
This course provided 15 knots of relative wind on the beam, true winds abaft the beam, and pitch-and-roll near the edge of our NATOPS night-landing limits.
With an outrigger arrangement like Pesch had on JV, four rods, in theory, may be fished out of rocket-launcher holders abaft of the leaning post.
The first would be to replace the existing vertical launcher with the longer SYLVER 70 launcher, which is suitable for carrying the naval variant of the SCALP cruise missile; the other would add a Mark 41 vertical launcher abaft the SYLVER 50 for the Tomahawk cruise missile.
Earlier this year, dozens of rent stabilized tenants and East Village activists staged protests against Abaft Holdings principal Abe Haruvi outside the building where they claimed they were handed eviction notices that warned the landlord needed the space for his own personal use, according to the Village Voice.
with the wind abaft, and all sails set, we made excellent headway.