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a kind of hemp obtained from the abaca plant in the Philippines

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Philippine banana tree having leafstalks that yield Manila hemp used for rope and paper etc

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The ABACAS 1 results presented today indicate that Plenaxis(TM), a GnRH antagonist, is able to rapidly reduce testosterone levels while avoiding the initial testosterone surge characteristic of LHRH agonists.
Now the Greyhound club, which currently owns the site, has put eight Abacas floodlight pylons with fittings and bulbs up for sale.
Abacat: flexible pedestal for changing work practices and an addition to Abacas desking.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- Standard & Poor's today assigned its triple-'A' senior secured and single-'A' senior subordinated long-term ratings to Abacas Investments Ltd.
and international multi-center trials including ABACAS, DESIRE, SIRIUS, TAXUS, ENDEAVOR and FUTURE.
Keith said: "Attending the Abacas school and getting this one-to-one ABA help has enabled her to use what she has to the best of her ability.