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a kind of hemp obtained from the abaca plant in the Philippines

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Philippine banana tree having leafstalks that yield Manila hemp used for rope and paper etc

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Philippines is the world's largest producer of abaca fiber, accounting for about 85% share of the global production in 2013.
The pulp manufacturing industry is the leading end-user of abaca fiber, followed by cordage manufacturing and fiber craft industry.
Abaca is a Silicon Valley company known for its engineering strength, technical talent, and email filtering & protection algorithms.
Asked why she chose abaca of all fibres, Sandico-Ong said the distinct quality of the fabric stands out for her.
The spectacular hand-crafted furniture uses natural fibre from Banana fibre native to the Philippines, called ABACA.
Noting the initiatives she is currently spearheading here, such as the financial literacy programme and the introduction of abaca (Manila hemp) products, Princesa said the financial literacy training was aimed at encouraging Filipinos to look and invest at livelihood projects in the Philippines.
An online search at the sites of several specialty retailers found that what they called "natural fiber" rugs were generally made of such materials as sisal, seagrass, jute, hemp, and abaca.
Auto Business News-29 January 2009-Daimler in talks to buy abaca fibre(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
Abaca, from the leaf stalk of a plant closely related to the banana, is produced almost entirely in the Philippines and Ecuador and, while traditionally used for rope-making, is now pulped for a range of specialty papers for sausage casings, tea bags, coffee filters and bank notes.
Two of the six terrace units have already been taken by specialist software company Abaca Systems and Hunter Mills financial advisors.
A rectilinear sushi bar, encased in black bamboo and embedded terrazzo, contrasts with the curving fluidity of abaca panels and their translucent forms, while a white bamboo proscenium forms a theatrical backdrop for the sushi chefs at work.
Recorder Stephen Linahan told Alfredo Abaca that if his decision was criticised, it was because people did not understand that jailing him would destroy the future for his "wholly innocent" wife and three children.
7 million [euro], despite the increased raw material prices and a shortage of certain raw materials, especially abaca pulp, rayon and methanol.
The go-to source for woven rattan chairs and barstools, tropical-looking abaca footstools, wood-based lamps with shades of natural raffia and more, Palecek has now expanded into designs of mid-century Scandinavian influence.
The works range from a two-foot-high penguin folded from a five-foot square of two color handmade Origamido abaca paper to tiny, intricately folded Samurai Helmet beetles, velociraptors, and a two-foot-long golden snake folded from a single 10-inch-by-7-foot long rectangle of Japanese 22K gold Japanese momigami paper.