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a kind of hemp obtained from the abaca plant in the Philippines

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Philippine banana tree having leafstalks that yield Manila hemp used for rope and paper etc

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These processing centers is where the farmers who are mostly women, conduct their livelihood projects of mat-weaving and make handicrafts out of abaca to sell for additional family income,' Ragandang said.
Tumbali said the project primarily aims to enhance agricultural productivity of abaca farmers and promote their welfare and development.
The pulp manufacturing industry is the leading end-user of abaca fiber, followed by cordage manufacturing and fiber craft industry.
Abaca, which develops its ReceiverNet technology, focuses on email protection and messaging security.
NASDAQ: PFPT) said it has acquired Abaca Technology Corp.
Asked why she chose abaca of all fibres, Sandico-Ong said the distinct quality of the fabric stands out for her.
Abaca, extracted from the leaf sheath around the trunk of the abaca plant, is exported in the form of fibre and pulp.
Matuti said her father arrived in Davao in 1912, at the age of around 24, to work on an abaca plantation.
Crate & Barrel includes sisal, abaca and a jute/sisal/poly blend in its Natural Fibers section, within the rugs group under Decorating & Accessories.
Some of its sustainable product developments have been on producing filter paper made from abaca fibers.
Auto Business News-29 January 2009-Daimler in talks to buy abaca fibre(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
Two of the six terrace units have already been taken by specialist software company Abaca Systems and Hunter Mills financial advisors.
Recorder Stephen Linahan told Alfredo Abaca that if his decision was criticised, it was because people did not understand that jailing him would destroy the future for his "wholly innocent" wife and three children.
Woven from 100% pure linen from the exotic Abaca Tree plant, the unscented sheets quickly became an all-season skin essential for women and men.
The spare-wheel cover on the 2005 Mercedes-Benz A-Class minicar is compression molded of PP and abaca fiber, derived from a relative of the banana plant in the Philippines.