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a loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth

a fabric woven from goat hair and camel hair

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ABA Bank CEO Askhat Azhikhanov said during the road show that the corporate bond issuance is another milestone for the bank and will contribute to the development of the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX), as well as promote the use of the national currency.
The ABA Executive Director Yunus Abdulov, during his speech at the meeting, informed the event participants about the economy of Azerbaijan, the current state of the banking sector, the upcoming challenges and reforms being carried out in the sector.
The group's judicial investigator had recently interviewed dozens of lawyers, judges and others who had worked with Kavanaugh, the ABA announced at the time, and some of them raised red flags about "his professional experience and the question of his freedom from bias and open-mindedness."
The ABA represents both television and radio stations throughout the state.
Lynk of Arizona, chair of the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility, noted that 25 jurisdictions across the country have adopted similar language to the Rule 8.4 revision.
Abscisic acid (ABA) is a signaling molecule that mediates the responses to salt stress (Knight and Knight, 2001; Nishiyama et al., 2011), and is considered a vital signal of salt tolerance because of its rapid biosynthesis and significant accumulation in plant cells upon exposure to salt stress conditions.
In addition to intensive therapy services, center-based programming allows Bierman ABA to put families and communities into focus by providing resources, events and trainings about the world of ABA for children with autism.
This award recognizes outstanding editorial content and C design achieved with limited staff and has been awarded to an ABA magazine each of the last seven years--four times to Walt Albro and ABA Bank Marketing and Sales and the remaining three times to ABA Bank Compliance magazine.
In initial experiments, 10 pM exogenous ABA significantly inhibit the growth of detached leaves of wild type (Columbia) Arabidopsis.
Under the arrangement, any of the 5,000 ABA member banks would have the option of contributing to the fund, which could total millions.
For more InsideCounsel coverage of the ABA, see the stories below: ABA will discuss accreditation of foreign law schools ABA will not allow nonlawyers to own law firms Getting to know the ABA's Commission on Ethics 20/20
Muscat: ABA outclassed the Omani School Al Shawa in the Junior Volleyball tournament hosted by The American International School, Muscat when they clashed in Game 6 at the Blue Gym defeating Al Shawa 30 18- to win the tournament.In Game 5 ABA took on BSM and beat them 30-13 where as TAISM lost to Al Shawa to qualify for the finals.
Suliman Aba Al-Khail received here today a delegation representing the Kuwait University.
Tuition costs at law schools accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) have doubled in the last nine years.