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a loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth

a fabric woven from goat hair and camel hair

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Ms Carnell noted the range of undertakings given by the ABA, including working with ASIC to implement a new Code of Banking Practice in line with the Khoury Report.
Lynk of Arizona, chair of the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility, noted that 25 jurisdictions across the country have adopted similar language to the Rule 8.
Plant roots are the first tissues to sense soil stress, and are the main sites of ABA biosynthesis (Chinnusamy et al.
Founded in 2006, Bierman ABA Autism Center provides intensive research-based ABA therapy to children with autism.
ABA Bank Compliance was cited in the categories of Education and Training Writing and Outstanding Regular Column.
After 24 hours, leaves still attached to the plant treated with a 5 pL drop of control media contained 1373 +/- 178 ng/g ABA while attached leaves treated with a drop of media also containing IAA contained 1631 +/- 159 ng/g ABA.
With little training in how to actually practice law and often owing in excess of $100,000 in tuition loans alone, many graduates bitterly complain that their third- and fourth-tier ABA law schools did nothing to help advance their careers other than confer upon them a near worthless - but very expensive - degree.
To facilitate LMA's engagement and contributions to the ABA Ethics 20/20 Commission's work, President Nathan Darling appointed an LMA Ethics 20/20 Task Force in November 2009.
At the Fianna Fail parliamentary meeting at Leinster House, several backbenchers expressed concern at her attitude to ABA.
Because the field of ABA is considered to be in its infancy, and since coverage as well as education, certification, and supervision requirements for ABA are not nationally standardized or consistent state to state, the DoD is attempting to provide beneficiaries with coverage, safeguards, and expanded care while at the same time respecting the profession and its role in establishing its own standards.
Like CCR, ABA recommended that the regulators use their rulemaking authority to drive a more risk-based approach to auditor attestations.
Technically speaking, an ABA is a situation in which a person or firm is in a position to refer purchasers of settlement services to a settlement-service provider that is owned, in whole or in part, by the referring party.
I voted absolutely for a halt to these signing statements," said Jack Carey, a Belleville attorney and delegate to the ABA representing the Illinois State Bar.
On December 15, 1982, the Treasury Department substantially modified the proposed rules to incorporate the ABA Ethics Committee's recommendations.
The MSL took the ABA to court more than once after they withdrew their accreditation, accusing the ABA of antitrust violations and anti-competitive tactics, arguing that the MSL attempted to fulfill as many ABA requirements as it could, but the demanding costs of fulfilling them all would have resulted in a tuition spike that would price their courses out of the reach of the very community they were trying to serve.