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express admiration and pleasure by uttering 'ooh' or 'aah'

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Across the clinical studies, 24 deaths were reported in 25,274 (GARDASIL N = 13,686; AAHS Control N = 11,004, saline placebo N = 584) subjects (9- through 45-year-old girls and women; and 9- through 15-year-old boys).
We are pleased to add Jacksonville to the Radio AAHS family.
This financing, which refunds a portion of AAHS insured auction-rate debt, will reduce the system's risk profile.
We're confident about our prospects because of the quality of our product -- the Radio AAHS format.
AAHS is located in Annapolis, MD, and operates a 278-licensed bed acute care hospital.
NewCity has exciting ideas for this station and is delighted to be affiliating with Children's Broadcasting Corporation and Radio AAHS.
AAHS also plans on refunding approximately $200 million of existing debt.
Radio AAHS programming is now on the air in 11 of these markets and will be on the air in the other nine by the end of the year.
And there was her fellow Long Beach State alumnus, Danielle Scott, out there on the court dispensing wicked spikes that brought oohs and aahs from the small crowd at Sydney Entertainment Centre.
The agreement, which was signed this week, brings the Radio AAHS total affiliate count to 19.
AAHS is in the middle of a three phase master facility plan, which will be completed in 2011 (total project costs estimated to be $300 million).
AAHS is renowned for recognizing the pinnacle of service excellence and its 5-Star designation is considered the most prestigious emblem of achievement and quality worldwide.
Karen Dixon, international general manager of AAHS, said 'Casa Ceibo has received The Academy's attention for its complete dedication to protecting the environment, plus its commitment to excellence.