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in proportion to the estimated value of the goods taxed


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Keywords: A.V. Aids, Learning, Training, Education, Pakistan
Private Schools Using A.V. Aids: The Global Perspective
Therefore, it is recommended that the efficient use of A.V. Aids should be ensured in the lesson plan for a school level class.
The Ministry of Education, in consultation with Provincial/Area Education Departments, constituted a committee to design and recommend a Textbook Policy for improvement in Textbooks and Learning Materials (A.V. Aids).
* To explore the existing tools used as A.V. Aids in private schools of Peshawar.
Explaining Codorniu's strategy, Kenton stated, "Importing and marketing the great producers in the A.V. Brands' portfolio allows us to provide added value and profit for our current distribution network partners.
A.V. Dawson works with a large network of local, national and international hauliers to ensure total coverage and to cope with peaks and troughs in transport supply chain demands.
Major clients benefiting from the A.V. Dawson service are household names from the Teesside manufacturing industry including Caterpillar, Corus, and Terra Nitrogen as well as multinational retail distribution concerns such as Wincanton.
In today's climate of social responsibility A.V. Dawson customers operate high standards of Health & Safety and Environmental awareness and expect the same level of commitment from their chosen haulier.
All A.V. Dawson vehicles have satellite tracking aiding efficient vehicle scheduling and providing real time delivery information.