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Synonyms for a.k.a.

as known or named at another time or place

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Election 2019: from simultaneous transmission at precinct level to a newborn animal called transparency server a.k.a. traffic controller.
Other artists to perform include 38-year-old New York-born broadcaster, former rapper and songwriter, Joseph Anthony Budden II a.k.a. Joe Budden Podcast and 26-year-old London born Sheyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph a.k.a.
Yazar Katkilari: Fikir--D.A.T., A.K.A.; Tasarim--D.A.T., A.K.A., H.M., S.E., D.H.; Denetleme--A.K.A., D.H., M.B.; Kaynaklar --A.K.A., M.B., R.B., S.E.; Malzemeler - D.A.T., H.M., R.B.; Veri Toplanmasi ve/veya Islemesi--A.K.A., M.B., R.B.; Analiz ve/ veya Yorum--D.A.T., H.M., D.H.; Literatur Taramasi--D.A.T., A.K.A., S.E.; Yaziyi Yazan--D.A.T., A.K.A., H.M.; Elestirel Inceleme --D.A.T., H.M.
The libel case stemmed from an incident where a Singaporean approached me for help in his problem with Davidson Bangayan a.k.a. David Tan regarding their transaction on scrap metals.
Ismal Ismael (a.k.a. Ismail Ismail, or Isma'Il Isma'il), Finance Minister.
The statement sent information to the attention of the 'Hezbollah Military Wing' (a.k.a. 'Hezbollah Military Wing', a.k.a.
* Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit (a.k.a. GLWB) guarantees annual withdrawals at a specified level (based on the annuitant's age), regardless if the annuity's Account Value falls to zero or less.
India, May 10 -- The Google I/O developer event starts today in San Francisco, and expectations are rising, with hundreds of attendees hoping to be the first to check out Google's latest mobile operating system - Android 4.0 a.k.a. 2.4 a.k.a.
But before that, there is Jerry Dammers' Spatial A.K.A. Orchestra, playing on the Specials founder's home turf in Cov-v entry.
(?Great Islamic Eastern Warriors Front?); ?PKK?, (a.k.a. ?KADEK?, a.k.a.
The current incarnation of the Edmonton-based band includes Anasaz, a.k.a. J.R.
The firm is said to have developed this product in recognition of the fact that manufacturers in some regions and markets are concerned with the use of animal-derived organic additives as a potential source of BSE (bovine spongeform encephalopathy, a.k.a., mad cow disease).
Lord of Justice (a.k.a., Ma'at or Maat): a phrase used to characterize the attributes of justice, truth, order, righteousness, goodness, balance, propriety, reciprocity, and harmony.
Elrod's SIEGE PERILOUS (1416520740, $7.99) tells of a vampire hero named Lancelot a.k.a. Richard Dun who returns in a new adventure where he faces his old enemy Charon, and Martin H.