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Thus, to understand why Pn impairment occurs in injured A. syriaca leaves, an explanation must cover both when Pn impairment does and does not occur after defoliation injury.
These experiments involved A. syriaca injured leaves (insect and/or manually imposed partial leaf defoliation treatments) compared to uninjured control leaves, while more complex experiments contained multiple leaf injury treatments (manual and/or insect).
For example, A. syriaca is mostly self incompatible (Sparrow and Pearson 1948, Kephart 1981) and clonal (Sparrow and Pearson 1948, Wilbur 1976, Kephart 1981), but A.
exaltata and A. syriaca are locally abundant throughout the Park.
Two fruits (0.8%), one from Fisher's Gap and one from Lewis Mountain, contained seeds that were almost certainly sired by individuals of A. syriaca. All seeds analyzed from these two fruits were heterozygous for four alleles diagnostic for A.