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in perfect condition or order


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"I was driving along the motorway, everything appeared to be fine, the vehicle was a-okay, and the next thing there's flames coming up my windscreen," he said.
But if string-pulling Simon thinks everything's A-Okay he's got another think coming.
What I am writing to you about is to ask if I could send you a brief letter that you could print in a Countryside issue that will let the pen-pals know I am doing a-okay, and why I haven't been keeping in touch with them.
His answer was that it is a-okay. The 1950 Absentee Property Law was designed to give the state the legal tools to confiscate Palestinian refugees' property.
* F last week's message from Education Minister Leighton Andrews was "A-okay", this week's was more "must do better".
He said: "He schooled well over a National fence last week and is A-okay. We're really looking forward to the race."
SPACEMAN A-OKAY -- The United States broke the space barrier May 5 when Alan B.
At times resembling his character in "Thank You for Smoking," Eckhart stars as Burke, who has channeled grief over losing his wife in a fatal car accident into a motivational bestseller, "A-Okay!," and a series of self-help seminars for survivors.
"But we just celebrated our third anniversary, and we're doing a-okay. We have a huge Southern and Western following."
If you don't ring, I'll just assume everything's a-okay and proceed as planned.") Now the Lonely Planet series has published a travel guide devoted entirely to these DIY polities.
Knute's robbery was proceeding pretty A-Okay until he remembered that little oversight, and stopped to shake one of the bank customers down for his car keys.
On his way down the stairs to the runway he smiled, waved and gave the "A-Okay" sign to show the people his good intentions.
But if you tell them you spent the money on consultants, that's A-okay."
But that's not to say that everything is A-okay in the banker-entrepreneur relationship
The lives we live as parents of these kids are routinely portrayed as a-okay, as long as we show a "positive attitude." The truth gets lost in people's need to maintain a strong, socially acceptable, outward appearance.