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in perfect condition or order


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On my last trip home we received my mother in law's pension confirmation form asking that she visit in person to confirm she was alive or send an affidavit signed by a Class I gazette officer (as if the rest of us were the great unwashed as compared to these gazetted guys, whatever that means) attesting that she was still a-okay.
But we just celebrated our third anniversary, and we're doing a-okay.
Knute's robbery was proceeding pretty A-Okay until he remembered that little oversight, and stopped to shake one of the bank customers down for his car keys.
But if you tell them you spent the money on consultants, that's A-okay.
Gordon Elliott, trainer of Mount Benbulben "He's A-okay and in great form over here.
He's in grand old form, he schooled the other morning and everything is A-okay.
So it's wrong, or at least it is according to the half-baked head of Gavinburn Nursery, for toddlers to dress up and dook for apples, but absolutely a-okay for them to play at adult games of love and lust.
Listen, if Tony Blair wants to become a born- again Buddhist, an evangelical Jew, a methodical Methodist, a Bible- bashing Baptist or a proletising Protestant, it's absolutely A-okay by me.
We are happy with him at home and he schooled the other morning and everything is A-okay.
ANYONE who hates Roberto with a real passion is a-okay in my book; and anyone who calls him a "proper div" starts the week at numero uno.
Even if his new friend Tony, says it's A-okay with him, Cherie and his government.
He's A-okay and has done his work nicely this morning.