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in perfect condition or order


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That presents a golden opportunity for A-Ok Appliance Parts & Service to spread the word online about its 45 years in the appliance repair business.
The company sells in bulk to charities at discount prices so that the charities can raise money by reselling the doughnuts, said Richard Clements, another A-OK LLC partner.
He was anything but A-OK last night, as the Japanese right-hander lasted just five innings, giving up seven runs on nine hits while striking out five.
And then there's the aforementioned suicide bomber, Omer (Sam Golzari), a reluctant terrorist who accidentally lands a spot on the ``American Dreamz'' program, setting into motion the plot to kill the president, who is appearing on the variety show's finale - to reassure voters he's A-OK - as a celebrity judge.
But why is it a-OK for the Yanks, GB et al to go nuclear, but not Iran?
President Bush may say he's opposed to federal employment discrimination against gays, but he's A-OK with federal money going to "faith-based" groups that discriminate.
Ad firm Stone Ward has nailed down the Krispy Kreme account for Arkansas, where franchisee A-OK LLC of Norman, Okla.
has chosen Arcot's cloud-based A-OK strong-authentication service to provide highly secure access to the California Real Estate Dynamic Data (calREDD[R]) Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for member REALTORS[R] in six major MLS associations.
The "Bab Al Harah" (The Neighborhood Gate) star made sure to give a public announcement that he was still a-ok and in country to settle his fans' fears.
Here are the words that make things, well, not A-OK.
After all, everything may have seemed A-OK when you were there for the showing, but that was probably in the middle of the work day, right?
Local business A-Ok Appliance Parts & Service has recently partnered with SEO leader Prospect Genius to embark on a new online advertising campaign, and the anticipated result of this collaboration is greater online exposure for A-Ok Appliance Parts & Service, ultimately leading to increased accessibility for local homeowners searching for appliance repair professionals in Westchester.
Porsche ran its tests, finding the brakes that had been installed on the car were A-OK, and showed no evidence of malfunction.
But its successful launch and other work at NASA, including the renovations of the Kennedy and Johnson space centers and work on a powerful new rocket that will lift astronauts on deep space missions, serve as reminders that America's space exploration program is, as the astronauts like to say, A-OK.