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in perfect condition or order


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The anesthesia team initiated A-OK AFE protocol within one minute of onset of the listed symptoms.
Then fill out an entry card and obtain an A-OK ID which entitles the student to 19 discount coupons for NEX products and services.
A-OK FOR AO Online electrical appliance retailer AO World surprised the City today as latest sales figures beat gloomy expectations.
An official confirmation has yet to be made about the Syrian star's well being, but here's to hoping he's A-ok!
New York, NY, November 30, 2014 --(PR.com)-- In a bid to reach local homeowners, A-Ok Appliance Parts & Service has launched a new Web site and ad campaign designed to boost calls for appliance repair help as well as phone orders for appliance repair parts.
17 that in Uber she has seen "an ever-worsening frat culture where sexist jokes and a blind eye here or there have developed into a company where the worst kind of smearing and objectification of women is A-OK."
But Miley, who really has an influence on teen girls, is A-OK, despite her shocking get-ups and vulgar twerking.
Up in them hills, down to the hills, over in East LA, they take us to the jungle and we A-OK."
"I Can See Just Fine" is a story about Paige, a young girl who thinks her vision is A-OK, but this is not the case observed by her teachers, her parents and her friends.
Roth IRA A-Ok? Yup.--along comes a new retirement investment tool that rocked my world and everybody else's in the HAPPI office, too.
Trainer Elliott said: "Everything is A-OK with Don Cossack and we're looking forward to getting him out over hurdles.
Through our experience keeping the Patriots at Ft Bliss primed For action/ we've come up with a few ways to ensure the engagement control station's CECS) air conditioning stays A-OK:
17 July 2012 - Charter Facilities Services Inc, a portfolio company of New York-based private equity investor Charterhouse Group Inc, said it had finalised the purchase of Empire Facilities Management Group Inc and A-OK Security and Maintenance Inc.
Distributor of platonic Valentines to co-workers and students alike: A-OK, HI PAL, U R GR8!