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Therefore, the efficacy and safety of the long-term use of antimuscarinics alone or in combination with an a-blocker in men with an enlarged prostate is still unclear.
In particular, the most commonly used drugs are a-blockers and 5-a-reductase inhibitors; the former can decrease prostate smooth muscle tone and the latter can shrink the prostate.[sup][2] However, the two drugs, used alone or in combination, are not effective in relieving storage symptoms in most patients with BPH.
Treatment of LUTS includes conservative management and medical treatment such as a-blockers 5a-reductase inhibitors muscarinic receptor antagonists etc.
Pischedda et al9 and Kumar et al14 also noted significant improvement in LUTS and concluded that Clean intermittent self-catheterization and a-blockers are the initial treatment options for functional bladder neck obstruction.
There are many different treatment options, including watchful waiting, medical (a-blockers and 5a reductase inhibitors) and surgical treatment.
A randomized, prospective study of 210 symptomatic patients found the a-blocker tamsulosin superior to the calcium channel blocker nifedipine for expulsion of stones greater than 4 mm.
The [sz]-blocker propranolol is used when tachycardia or catecholamine-induced arrhythmias are present and should only be started after a-blocker has been established to avoid life-threatening hypertension.
-- The a-blocker arm of a landmark megatrial of antihypertensive therapy has been halted early due to sharp increases in congestive heart failure and stroke.