a trifle

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to a small degree

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I like to layer sponge, fruit and jelly topped with custard and creme chantilly (double cream flavoured with sugar and vanilla) in individual large cocktail glasses rather than making a trifle in one large bowl.
I do however make versions of a trifle, tiramisu, the black forest trifle that I have previously described in this column and more recently a delicious light variation for which I am giving the recipe today.
Others may include tinned fruit salad (who gets the cherry?!) or even a splash of Vimto, and we've all had a trifle sprinkled with hundreds & thousands at some point, haven't we?
Every year I think, "What will I do for dessert?" and most years I end up coming back to a trifle. It's one of the things that most of the family look forward to at Christmas.
Place the chopped strawberries into a trifle bowl - keep a few back for decoration.