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By 10am, it was announced in a tweet that the obstruction was of an unusual nature: "We're trying to work out how a pair of trousers managed to get on the overheads, they should be removed by 10.
A spokesman for Network Rail sent the Telegraph this statement: "We were alerted to a pair of trousers on the overhead lines at Coventry station at 9am.
I can understand a pair of trousers, a skirt, a dress times 100 perhaps, but shoes?
Pick the right style and fabric, and a pair of trousers could make you feel two dress sizes smaller.
Two ounces of repellent for a parka or a pair of trousers if you're treating them separately.
They are a pair of trousers, that's what I say," said Poulter.
NEXT year's trendiest accessory for your mobile phone may not be a new ringtone or cover - but a pair of trousers with an anti- radiation pocket to put it in.
To pull up a zipper on a pair of trousers, slip a paper clip through the hole in the zipper tab.
helping out Fundraisers David and Sally Firth with a pair of trousers belonging to actor Johnny Briggs (inset) A HOSPICE-BASED charity which helps terminally-ill children could benefit from a pair of Mike Baldwin's trousers
Next day it was very windy and we saw a pair of trousers in a tree.