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No matter how big your sewing or tailoring company has gotten you'll still need to get in with a pair of shears and cut some fabric a few times a day at least.
A GENTLE teacher was stabbed to death with a pair of shears in his garden as his horrified son looked on.
OH, I say, those cheeky Perrier people wanted to sneak a pair of shears into Wimbledon to star in a special promotion photograph.
Each of the students has adopted one of the 90-plus rose bushes at the school entrance, but feeding and watering and deadheading are a lot different from taking a pair of shears and cutting their bushes down to size.
The upscale knife block line will be available in more than 20 configurations, including one with space for five knives and a pair of shears, and another for five knives, a pair of shears and carving fork.