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small pruning shears with a spring that holds the handles open and a single blade that closes against a flat surface

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90 and receive a pair of secateurs absolutely FREE.
usuallym Heel cuttings are usually more successful than standard stem cuttings made with a pair of secateurs.
For a particularly difficult gardening dad, a pair of secateurs is a favourite present of last resort as it is almost certain the one he got last Christmas will be dead and buried somewhere in the border or damaged beyond repair by a bit of over-ambitious pruning.
THERE'S nothing that brings on a feeling of spring quite like marching up the garden clutching a pair of secateurs.
Those attending need to bring a stone weighing 4lbs, a sharp knife and a pair of secateurs.
While one of the raiders ransacked his home, his accomplice repeatedly threatened to cut off the fingers of Mr Hannah's left hand with a pair of secateurs.
There's the man who cut his own finger off with a pair of secateurs, mistaking it for a branch, and 40 people a year are hurt by watering cans.
Slicing my hand with the business end of a pair of secateurs came pretty close, so did the occasion my sit on lawn mower overturned with me underneath.
From this I have learned never to carry a pair of secateurs in my back pocket, not to cut corners when mowing a sloping lawn, and to steer clear of rue, especially on a warm summer's day when the plant's photo-toxins, activated by light, can cause serious blistering or dermatitis if touched in bright sunshine.
Sometimes it's something small - my most recent wins have been a pair of secateurs, a bottle of wine, a miniature of port and pounds 25 worth of Marks & Spencers tokens.