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an optical instrument designed for simultaneous use by both eyes

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Maybe this explains why middle aged people get into bird watching in the first place, a harmless excuse to wander round with a pair of binoculars round your neck.
I'm sure you've noticed how you have to adjust the spacing between a pair of binoculars so that it appears as if you're are looking through a single lens.
As well as some warm winter clothing, some basic equipment might include a compass, a red torch, a smartphone or tablet and possibly a pair of binoculars.
In a few weeks, after fire season ends, the same volunteers will shift to shopping mall parking lots during the holiday season - standing on rooftops with a pair of binoculars or sitting together in a parked car - looking for thieves trying to break into cars to steal presents left in plain view.
Sharp-eyed observers might be able to spot it with a pair of binoculars, said Robin Scagell from the Society for Popular Astronomy.
if you spot something in the night sky that piques your interest, it's a good idea to try A pair of binoculars.
The problem is that with a pair of binoculars, you can overlook our whole facility.
If you happen to spot something in the night sky that piques your interest, it's a good idea to try a pair of binoculars.
It takes patience to train a pair of binoculars on a flitting creature the size of a golf ball.
The trapping device is no bigger than a pair of binoculars but can pick out a speeding car at a distance of almost one and a half miles away.
Bring a frivolous book, a quiet pet, a pair of binoculars or maybe nothing at all.
Wear clothing appropriate to your outing and bring a pair of binoculars in addition to your field guide.
People are starting to learn what the word ecology means,'' he said, looking out a pair of binoculars at the passing dolphins.