a lot

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to a very great degree or extent

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Skeggs is busy and bright, for a lot of goods is to be fitted out for auction.
I was taken prisoner by one of those chaps, carried off to their beastly village and very nearly murdered by a chap who seemed to be a cross between an executioner and a high-priest, and who kept dancing round me, singing a lot of rot and pointing a knife at me.
Just as it is when the PRETTY hair-ribbons come in the barrels after a lot of faded-out brown ones.
Ach mar a chnamh a lion, chaidh cotthrom na Feine thoirt dhaibh air a lot gu leir.
'I told him: 'I've caught a lot of pitchers in eight years in this league and that was the most well-pitched, best-executed game I've ever had behind the plate,'' catcher Jonathan Lucroy said.
Knockouts The week saw a lot of action as the closing dates for three of the KOs get close.
It's been a tense, riveting start to this series -- with a lot less scoring than the four-game set these teams played in Detroit in late August.
"There are a lot of things that can threaten the life of a newborn, including birth defects, infection, genetic disease and even unfortunate things like accidents and suffocation," he told the news wire.
It's like my four-year-old granddaughter says sometimes, 'Crybaby, crybaby.' They like to cry a lot about it.
The social scene Odds are you'll add a lot of newbies to your buddy list.