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Synonyms for many

a lot


the many


Synonyms for many

amounting to or consisting of a large, indefinite number

Antonyms for many

a quantifier that can be used with count nouns and is often preceded by 'as' or 'too' or 'so' or 'that'

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References in classic literature ?
I have made a great many pleasant acquaintances in travelling round (both ladies and gentlemen), and had a great many most interesting talks.
I meet a great many Americans, who, as a general thing, I must say, are not as polite to me as the people over here.
There are in every part of the valley a great many of these massive stone foundations which have no houses upon them.
Well, this I conquered by making me a wooden spade, as I observed before; but this did my work but in a wooden manner; and though it cost me a great many days to make it, yet, for want of iron, it not only wore out soon, but made my work the harder, and made it be performed much worse.
Botulinum therapy "has been the most dramatic thing that has happened to these patients in a great many years," neurologist Roger C.