a good deal

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to a very great degree or extent

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There was a delightful history of Ohio, stuffed with tales of the pioneer times, which was a good deal in the hands of us boys; and there was a book of Western Adventure, full of Indian fights and captivities, which we wore to pieces.
Your scheme is a good deal more difficult to carry out than the Pythagorean community, though.
He was a good deal moved by this public tribute--very naturally, for he was in the presence of all his little world, and it was uniting to do him honour.
There's a good deal of money made in snatching their bags and parcels, and running round the corner.
There's a good deal of the child about her yet in some ways.
He was a limp, delicate-looking gentleman, I thought, with a good deal of nose, and a way of carrying his head on one side, as if it were a little too heavy for him.
I told her that you would perhaps give a good deal.
If the judge had stopped with bare assertion, it would have had a good deal of effect; but he made the mistake of trying to prove his position.
We could hear Benny stirring around in her room, which was next to ourn, and judged she was worried a good deal about her father and couldn't sleep.
They were uneasy and a good deal excited, for this is a practical humdrum world, and it seemed to them quite impossible that their little niece could vanish from her home and travel instantly to fairyland.
She is a foolish, good-natured little woman, who thinks herself clever because her husband has permitted her to travel a good deal, and has evidently been rather fascinated by the latitudinarianism of continental society.
We abuse them a good deal, we men; but, goodness knows, the old world would be dull enough without their dresses and fair faces.
But the Subalterns' and Captains' ladies (the Major is unmarried) cabal against her a good deal.
I want her to play and sing with some portion of taste and a good deal of assurance, as she has my hand and arm and a tolerable voice.
It seems he never wanted to come, hates any place except London, which accounts for a good deal.