a few

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more than one but indefinitely small in number


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I have a few words more to say," she resumed, addressing my wife.
The A's could have saved a few of last night's runs for tonight.
And how easy was it, when York stunned San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom with a phone call to say he was cutting off talks on a stadium development at Candlestick Point -- torpedoing the city's bid for the 2016 Olympics with it -- to conjure up visions of the Raiders' dances with Irwindale, Oakland, Hollywood Park and anyone else who dangled a few dollars from their cleavage.
JANUARY Your New Year is likely to ring in a few new additions to the friendship circle.
We won't mind if you earn a few credits, and we have 10 exchange relationships with international schools.
She describes the apostrophe as "that elegant little squiggle" that "has only a few functions, yet it sometimes litters a patch of writing like shavings on a magnet.
Well," the CFO replies, "just a few weeks ago, you told us we had it right.
The court found that the expenses of purchasing, maintaining and operating a personal Lear jet to make a few trips each year to Oregon and Utah were extraordinary.
Here are a few of the most common insurance errors and some recommended solutions.
We will need to work a few late nights, but the potential growth and profitability we've laid out in our vision plan is achievable with Raytheon's assistance," said Chris Leto.
Wu Tang Clan, a true "amalgam of energy," got it right a few years later in "C.
Requests for a few minor customizing modifications were accepted by the OEM--including installation of a special chip to provide outputs for the EPOS monitoring system.
Only a few standalone IBM PCs were shared among more than 80 employees.
And within a few months, we will offer a custom version of Provider HealthNet for PDA applications.