a few

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more than one but indefinitely small in number


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"I have a few words more to say," she resumed, addressing my wife.
Also, a few menu items such as the hash browns, waffle fries, and superfood sides don't contain meat.
A few songs later, the other lead singer, Emman Bunao, went onstage and took the Mercury impression to the hilt-dressed like Freddie at Live Aid complete with studded armband, but a cutoff T-shirt instead of the body-fit tanktop.
In Class B, Fiona Kindness beat husband Adam in their Impreza, with just a few tenths between first and third place!
The fabric used in the first and third borders is also in a few of the blocks, but for clarity's sake we've listed all the neutrals needed for the blocks under assorted neutrals, and the border fabric is listed separately.
It wasn't until a few innings later that he caught on.
Please give us normal people a break and mix in a few low--to mid-dollar items.
Anyone is invited to come and drop off a few books and take some new ones for free.
"Sure, it was a long flight, but we had a few days to adjust, and now I think it's fine."
The flaky Rube, none the worse for wear, celebrated with a few cartwheels across the diamond.
JANUARY Your New Year is likely to ring in a few new additions to the friendship circle.
We won't mind if you earn a few credits, and we have 10 exchange relationships with international schools.
Hagstrom shares a few of Buffett's tips for spotting accounting problems and irregularities in financial documents, such as looking for "unintelligible footnotes."
"He's had a few nightmares," Julian's grandmother, Patricia Ames, tells JS.