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more than one but indefinitely small in number


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When it was ready she could not wait till it was served at the table, but she immediately took a couple of leaves and put them in her mouth.
Now the servant came into the kitchen, and when she saw the salad standing there ready cooked she was about to carry it up, but on the way, according to her old habit, she tasted it and ate a couple of leaves.
After a couple of days the miller came and said that he must tell him that the old donkey which was to have three beatings and only one meal had died.
The two caps, reflected on the window-blind, were the respective head-dresses of a couple of Mrs.
I encountered a couple of hungry-looking dogs, but both hurried circuitously away from the advances I made them.
Pretty soon we come to a nice innocent-looking young country jake setting on a log swabbing the sweat off of his face, for it was powerful warm weather; and he had a couple of big carpet-bags by him.
About the middle of the afternoon a couple of little boats come along, but they didn't come from high enough up the river; but at last there was a big one, and they hailed her.
Pity, that was; pity to put that kind of a strain on us, because there was bad blood between us from a couple of weeks back, and we was only friends in the way of business.
'do you reckon he's playing us?--open the paper!' I done it, and by gracious there warn't anything in it but a couple of little pieces of loaf-sugar!
He put up that scheme on us and reasoned out what we would do, and we went ahead and done it perfectly exact, like a couple of pudd'nheads.
During his illness Rose had sent him in a couple of little notes, and he had ended each with the words: "Hurry up and come back." Philip thought Rose must be looking forward as much to his return as he was himself to seeing Rose.
Sharp in a couple of terms was going to Germany for a year.
A couple of questionable Falcons tackles went unpunished by the umpires, and this only added to passion being displayed by both teams.
Wins This week produced a couple of casualties in the top placings, with defeats for Musky Handley and Paul Jamieson seeing the Gold pair slip off the top spot which is now shared between teammate Mike Watson and Sands Silver's John Currie.
In case you haven't checked, Colon has been the most consistent pitcher on the Mets staff through the first half of the season, second in wins after Noah Syndergaard, and if it were not for very poor run support, he would have a couple of more wins.