a cappella singing

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singing without instrumental accompaniment

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While a cappella singing groups have become almost common on college campuses, Megerssa said she hopes high school groups will begin to enjoy the same popularity.
From hip hop to barbershop, contemporary jazz and choral, the Voices Festival will showcase the full range of a cappella singing styles.
Great a cappella singing is a triumph of balance of voices, light and dark tones, rhythms, melody and harmony.
Workshops during the weekend will cover not only a cappella singing but other musical areas from beat-boxing to music arranging.
Five-piece harmony group from Zimbabwe offers an infectious blend of a cappella singing and gumboot dance.
Misty River is a womens organization devoted to a cappella singing in the four-part barbershop style.
First and most viewable was the a cappella singing tilt, "The Sing-Off," telecast on Sundays on Velvet.
On Saturday, there will be a full day of a cappella singing at the Bluecoat, followed by a special performance from the most heard beatboxer in history, Shlomo.
Divisi, a University of Oregon women's a cappella singing group - a cappella means voices without instrumental accompaniment - will perform Saturday as part of the western quarterfinals of the 14th annual International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella competition to choose the best a cappella singing group in the entire country.
The Voices Festival of a cappella singing, produced by Sense of Sound, will also include a national conference for singing and health, an a cappella concert featuring The Sense of Sound Singers and Connie Lush celebrating the music of Joni Mitchell at the Black-E on Friday, March 16 and a day of a cappella performances from 15 of the region's choirs on Saturday March 17.
Divisi, the 14-member UO women's a cappella singing group.