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Synonyms for pill


a bitter pill (to swallow)

Synonyms for pill

an unpleasant, tiresome person

Synonyms for pill

something that resembles a tablet of medicine in shape or size

Related Words

a unpleasant or tiresome person

something unpleasant or offensive that must be tolerated or endured

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One county councillor last night said the money paid for Mr Ireland's work would be "a bitter pill to swallow" for those who face losing their jobs, calling it "absolute madness," although the authority insisted it is paying the going rate.
After all the uproar over MPs' expenses, it makes even more of a bitter pill to swallow.
Manager Darren Ryan admitted the midweek penalty shootout defeat against Neath in the Loosemores Cup was a bitter pill to swallow, and wants a determined reaction.
But I also suspect that the price of inhabiting the twisted straitjacket that the screenwriter has designed for Judi Dench is going to make even that pursuit a bitter pill to swallow."
That is a bitter pill to swallow for Midlands MPs and those behind the Cosford bid - and their disgraceful attempts to scupper the St Athan bid by suggesting impropriety are likely to intensify.
Trainer Nicky Henderson said: "It is a bitter pill to swallow and owner Trevor Hemmings and his manager Mick Meagher are fully conversant with the situation.
Harkness said: 'Leaving Coventry was a bitter pill to swallow but I think that my overall game has improved since I have been here at Walsall.
For millions of people who have come to rely on the popular drugs, the news is a bitter pill to swallow.
"We think we're losing out by around pounds 100 a year and that's a bitter pill to swallow."
And if it ever does, that will be a bitter pill to swallow, regardless of its colour.
Laura (10 Stupid Things Couples Do to Mess Up Their Relationships) have the bedside manner of a drill sergeant and their prescription for success is, a bitter pill to swallow indeed.
Within moments of curtain-up on Arthur, Part II, there were chilling scenes of child slaughter and a rape--all historically accurate, but a bitter pill to swallow all the same.
A lot of medics will find this a bitter pill to swallow but the truth is that our faith in doctors has been badly shaken.
This was a bitter pill to swallow, given the fact that he had predicted 2% growth for the year.