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a dry form of lava resembling clinkers

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an international organization that provides a support group for persons trying to overcome alcoholism

an associate degree in arts

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As soon as it arrived in London in 1822, A'a was faithfully reproduced in the Society's publication Missionary Sketches (Fig.
See A'A Hmong Hero of Pre-China--Chiyou" by Lee Maoqing in (http://www.
Words obey the group laws a(bc) = ab(c), ai = ia = a, and aa' = a'a = i and the abelian group law ab = ba.
For example, the temples in Naka'ohu (the cluster we call "Heiau Ridge") are located on a prominent a'a lava flow ridge, with spectacular views towards Kaupo Gap and Kaupo Peninsula and to Kipahulu Valley beyond.
Organic matter caught between all the ensuing crumbled volcanic rock, called a'a by the Hawalians, acts as natural fertilizer.
Excluding its close relative Nysius a'a on the nearby Mauna Loa, the wekiu bug differs from all the world's 106 Nysius species in its predatory habits and unusual physical characteristics.
Back up above-ground, trek across the surreal terrain that resembles a moon crater and examine the different types of Hawaiian lava: pahoehoe, which has a smooth and ropey surface, and a'a, which resembles stirred up brownies.
The distinguished theatre critic JC Trewin hailed Jackson as a 'practical visionary' and the Birmingham Rep as the most famous theatre in the British provinces while The Times hailed the theatre as a'a great institution.